Zalman King’s horror film “Blue Sunshine” is getting an updated remake with original director-writer Jeff Lieberman and producer Edgar Lansbury teaming with “We’re The Millers” producer Vincent Newman.

The 1978 film starred King and Deborah Winters and revolved around a series of murders in Los Angeles, precipitated by a particular strain of LSD called “Blue Sunshine” ingested by the killers 10 years earlier. It was released during a period where a number of films dealt with the subject of mind-altering substances, including ’60s films”The Trip” and “Easy Rider” and 1980’s “Altered States.”

“Edgar and I agree that the theme of the film — decisions we made in our youth coming back to haunt us in horrific ways as adults — will resonate well with Millennials,”  Lieberman said.

Newman is producing Relativity’s “The Disappointments Room,” starring Kate Beckinsale with director D.J. Caruso and wrapping production  Friday in North Carolina. He is also producing Screen Gems’ upcoming “Patient Zero,” starring Natalie Dormer and directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky.