The Writers Guild of America East has announced 20 candidates for its 10 open council seats, including 94-year-old Walter Bernstein and five other incumbents.

“House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon is also seeking a seat.

Bernstein, who was blacklisted by the Hollywood studios during the 1950s, and Willimon are among 16 candidates for the seven open Freelance seats along with Timothy Cooper, Marin Gazzaniga, Jo Miller, John Marshall, John Auerbach, Chris Kyle,  Richard Vetere, Kyle Bradstreet, George Strayton, Oren Moverman, Jenny Lumet, Andrea Ciannavei, Danielle Paige and Terry George.

The four candidates for the three open Staff seats are Cath Twohill,  Gail Lee, Kathy McGee and Patrick Mason.

Besides Bernstein, the other incumbents are Auerbach, George, Lumet, Mason and Vetere.

Bernstein received an Oscar nomination and a WGA award for the script for 1976’s “The Front.” The WGA East awarded him the Ian McLellan Hunter Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Writing in 1994 and the Evelyn F. Burkey Award in 2008.

The WGA East has about 4,000 members, who can vote in the Council election beginning Aug. 27 through Sept.  18. The results will be announced the next day.