Music Box Entertainment has acquired U.S. rights to the documentary “Watchers of the Sky,” which won a special jury prize and an editing trophy at Sundance.

Submarine Entertainment and CAA announced the deal at Berlin. Submarine has also sold all Canadian rights to Films We Like; all rights in Australia and New Zealand to Madman Entertainment; all pan-Scandinavian rights to NonStop Entertainment AB; and worldwide airline rights to Jaguar Distribution.

Music Box Films will open the film theatrically later this year and will qualify the film for Academy Award consideration.

“Watchers of the Sky” was produced by Propeller Films and directed and produced by Edet Belzberg.  Amelia Green-Dove and Kerry Propper are the producers.

The film interweaves four stories about mass ethnic and political exterminations of the last century and beyond, using the framing device of the career of lawyer-turned-human-rights advocate Raphael Lemkin.

Dennis Harvey gave the film a positive review at Sundance, calling it “an impressive and artful cinematic thesis of palpable substance.”