HONG KONG – “The Midnight After,” a post-apocalyptic thriller which premieres next month in Berlin’s Panorama section, will be distributed in international markets by Fortissimo Films.

Directed by Hong Kong’s Fruit Chan (“Dumplings”), the film tells the story of 17 late night minibus passengers who discover that they are the only people left alive in the city. Chan uses the thriller genre to critique today’s Hong Kong society.

It features a busload of veteran Hong Kong stars including Simon Yam, Kara Hui, and Lam Suet, and newer generation actors Wong You-nam, Janice Man, and Chiu Tien-you.

It was produced by Amy Chin and executive produced by Winnie Tsang’s Golden Scene, which will handle a local release in summer 2014.

“’The Midnight After’ is a powerful, evocative, and provocative look at Hong Kong and society in general in a post-apocalyptic setting,” said Fortissimo chairman Michael J. Werner.

Chan established his reputation with a series of films about Hong Kong at the time of its handover from Britain to China, and bolstered it with the prize-winning ‘Prostitute Trilogy’ that included “Durian, Durian” and “Hollywood, Hong Kong.” He also directed the 2009 English-language remake of “Don’t Look Up,” and as a producer has credits including “Love In Space” and “Hot Summer Days.”