TOKYO – Asano Tadanobu (“47 Ronin,” “Thor”) and Kitamura Kazuki (Gareth Evans’ “Killers”) have joined the cast of “Parasyte,” the two-part alien invasion thriller.

The films are backed by leading Japanese studio Toho, which won a bid battle for the rights after New Line Cinema gave up on the project.

Toho has set Yamazaki Takashi as director and Shota Sometani (“Himizu”) to star as a teen whose right arm is invaded by a sentient alien host, while the brains of many fellow humans become completely alien inhabited. The story is based on a hit comic by Iwaki Hitoshi that was serialized from 1990 to 1995 in Kodansha’s “Afternoon” mag and sold nearly 11 million copies in ten paperback editions

Asano and Kitamura are among eight new supporting cast members, along with Higashihide Masahiro, Yoki Miho, Kunimura Jun, Arai Hirofumi, Pierre Taki and Omori Nao.

Toho will release the first part on Nov. 29 and the second part in 2015. Also, this fall production partner NTV will begin broadcasting a “Parasyte” toon on its network. 

Helmer Yamazaki had a monster hit this year with the WWII kamikaze drama “The Eternal Zero,” which earned nearly $85 million following its December release.