With two more “Amazing Spider-Man” sequels slated for 2016 and 2018, it’s only fitting that the upcoming Spidey pic “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will introduce the villains for The Sinister Six movie.

“At the tail end of this movie we set up some of the other characters that will probably end up being in the Sinister Six,” Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal told Entertainment Weekly in this week’s cover story. “We’re going forward on all fronts.”

According to EW, star Andrew Garfield is a fan of Venom, Doc Ock, Vulture and Kraven so any of those baddies could comprise the villain universe.

Meanwhile, producer Avi Arad spilled details about the Venom movie and the titular villain’s moral ambiguousness to SFX a few weeks ago.

“Venom hated only one guy – Spider-Man,” Arad told SFX. “He wasn’t innately bad, he was a shortcut guy, not really into fighting hard for achievement. That’s the Venom story. Can he also be a good guy? As you know, Venom was also called ‘lethal defender of the innocent.’ We had a great history with him, especially caring for the homeless, which is a very sensitive issue and something that many of us are very concerned with. Our villains all represent a different side of the misunderstood, and some of them unfortunately turned to the dark side.”

Drew Goddard is writing The Sinister Six movie, while Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinker are penning the Venom film. Current director Marc Webb will also helm the third installment, but no other movies in the franchise.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which also stars Emma Stone, bows May 2.