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Buyers at AFM will get their first chance to see an international cut of CJ Entertainment’s “Roaring Currents,” the period action drama that grossed $127 million at the Korean box office. CJ’s U.S. offshoot scored a record-breaking haul of $2.59 million in North America with the film’s release on Aug. 8.

Directed by Kim Han-min, it stars Choi Min-sik (“Lucy”) as the head of a naval fleet that manages through cunning and tactical mastery to defeat a Japanese fleet that is several time larger.

Released in Korean theatres at the end of July, “Currents” became the highest grossing film of all time in Korea with a score of $127 million and more than 17 million tickets sold.

Such success on home soil, has not always translated into international sales success for Korean movies, and Korean filmmakers’ patient character development is often considered as too slow for overseas audiences.

The international version runs 20 minutes shorter, having been shorn of much of the historical background, but and analysis of previous naval skirmishes. But it leaves intact the film’s main battle scenes.

The re-edit was handled by Kim, and was originally conceived for submission to the Chinese censors. The film is now set for a 3,000 screen release in China from Nov. 28