Sony Pictures is in early talks for Aaron Sorkin to adapt Michael Lewis’ real-life financial drama “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.”

Sorkin won a screenwriting Oscar in 2010 for adapting “The Social Network” for Sony.

Scott Rudin, a producer on “The Social Network,” and Eli Bush are producing “Flash Boys.” That book, published March 31 by W.W. Norton, focuses on high-frequency trading in the financial markets and possible market manipulation.

Lewis alleges in the book that the stock market is “rigged” by high-frequency traders being able to “front run” orders ahead of other traders. “Flash Guys” also focuses on the creation of IEX, the Investors Exchange, aimed at eliminating the advantage of high-frequency trading.

Lewis also wrote “Moneyball,” which the studio acquired in 2004. Brad Pitt starred in and produced “Moneyball,” released in 2011 with Sony-based Rudin exec producing; Sorkin received an Oscar nomination for the screenplay.

Sorkin is repped by WME.

News was first reported by THR.com.