Survey: Faith-Driven Consumers Dissatisfied with ‘Noah,’ Hollywood Religious Pics


Despite its biblical inspiration, Paramount’s upcoming “Noah” may face some rough seas with religious audiences, according to a new survey by Faith Driven Consumers.

The religious organization found in a survey that 98% of its supporters were not “satisfied” with Hollywood’s take on religious stories such as “Noah,” which focuses on biblical figure Noah. Faith Driven Consumers has been tracking the viability of major Hollywood films courting faith-based audiences this year.

“As a Faith Driven Consumer, are you satisfied with a biblically themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood?” asked the survey.

Faith Driven Consumers surveyed its supporters over  several days and based the results on a collected 5,000+ responses. It is also the group behind, which campaigned for Phil Robertson in light of his suspension from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.”

“Noah” will be released in March starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky, with a reported budget of $125 million.

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  1. Jill says:

    I think this is a pretty huge marketing mistake on behalf of those producing these movies. If your target market wants accuracy and won’t give you their time and money unless they get it and you refuse to give it to them, you are about to lose a whole lot of money and waste a whole lot of time in the process. But what do I know, I’ve only been formally trained and worked in marketing for 10 years. lol

  2. BishopX11 says:

    You Christians are so Hypocritical its not even funny. I don’t see you mentioning sins at large such as gay marriage, I’ve only seen a few accounts of one or two Christian Preachers protesting and yet you want to criticize Hollywood for at-least getting people to wonder about the Bible which is a good thing. There will be a few that will research it just out of curiosity. Even if one soul is won over I would call that a win for Christianity. SMH

  3. Skeptic says:

    Does anyone know how it ends?

  4. jeff says:

    ummm…that is an incredibly leading way to frame the question.

  5. Are they not happy because Noah isn’t the “sanitized kiddie version” or that it didn’t have enough DEATH??

  6. laverl09 says:

    With the way the question was worded, I’m surprised that the responses weren’t 100%.

  7. guest says:

    Nairdowell Christians have tried to make “their” versions and haven’t even come close, so hokey and irrelevant they turned out…However, Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion Of Christ’ is an exception.

    • rockscryout says:

      The word is “ne’er–do–well.”

      Interestingly enough, “Nairdowell” Christians have very smooth, hairless legs…

  8. william arkwright says:

    284 messages (and counting) on a report saying that 98% of those responding to a “survey” by FAITH DRIVEN CONSUMERS of its “supporters” said they were not satisfied when asked “As a faith driven consumer are you satisfied with a biblical themed movie-designed to appeal to you-which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood ?” I’d like to hear the 2% that said they wanted the Bible’s core message replaced by something created by Hollywood. Seriously.

    • rockscryout says:

      The word is “ne’er–do–well.”

      Interestingly enough, “Nairdowell” Christians have very smooth, hairless legs…

  9. Christine says:

    Somehow, I just don’t think it will be as good as the book.

  10. 8packabs says:

    “Faith Based Consumers” is a BOGUS secular firm pretending to be people of religious faith, for the sole purpose of creating fake surveys and research to discredit and disparage religious faith.

    These people are freaking CREEPS, and their mission is despicable. What kind of scumbags would seek out to destroy ANYTHING that’s based on good, wholesome, righteous moral values???

    What kind of human being tries making a living by DESTROYING things that are morally good?

    • Henry says:

      Oh, forgot to add – 8packabs who posted above – complete idiot. Undeniably so.

    • Henry says:

      Reading the comments below, it is easy to see why so people can’t find work in this business. Instead of giving people what they want, in this case, a Biblically-based film based on something directly from the Bible, many prefer to bitch and moan because people of faith are interesting in seeing a true rendition and extension of their faith. Smart business people deliver what the market wants, idiots complain and debase those who don’t like their “renditions.”

  11. Aaron says:

    Jupiter Ascending is more realistic and will be a much better film.

  12. BBC7 says:

    I have seen the trailer- in the context of a Christian conference (it was quite impressive). The movie has been promoted heavily to Christian audiences globally.
    I expect it will be a reasonably entertaining movie? But anyone who expects good theology to come out of Hollywood is, at best, naive!

  13. dusty sandusky says:

    98% of fundies hate it?? I might have to go see it then!! :-D

  14. dusty sandusky says:

    portrayal I meant.

  15. dusty sandusky says:

    They want a Favorable portrail… not an Accurate one.

  16. Robyn Wh. says:

    Until “religious” cults can prove a real Noah existed I will stick with mythology, and fantasy films
    thank you, good luck to the film I will be seeing it because I like Russell Crowe, warm and fuzzy
    animals and popcorn.

    • Tim Mayeaux says:

      Robyn, ever seen air, oxygen ? It doesn’t exist. Neither do your dreams…..

      • someone says:

        Oxygen doesn’t exist? You just proved to be a freaking moron. Oxygen is fact and scientifically proven, unlike your intelligence. Case in point, do you see this big middle finger in the air for you? It’s real … oh it’s very real and so is the message that’s presented for you.

    • CG Chase says:

      I am probably one of the “cult” members you refer to. I have no problem watching a rendition of the Iliad, or the Little Mermaid. I don’t demand proof that these characters existed. I am just disappointed when the Hollywood powers work together to change the story to one that they think is better.

      I don’t have any idea whether they did that with this movie or not. But historically it is what they do. I will go see it when it comes out.

  17. Paul says:

    The poll question is ludicrously leading. “…are you satisfied with a Biblically themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood?” 1. They can’t be satisfied or unsatisfied with it, because they haven’t seen it. 2. Who says the movie was designed to appeal to religious people, much less the particular 5,000 religious people that took this survey? How were those 5k selected? Were they all Christians? Were they a broad selection of Christians? 3. Who says that the “Bible’s core message” has been replaced? Who decided what that “core message” is? And it’s replaced by a message “created by Hollywood”, not created by the writer, or the director, or any other human being, but by “Hollywood”, a word that often stands in for all sorts of negativity.
    “Faith Driven Consumers surveyed its supporters” — from the group’s supporters, so not a random sampling at all, but people who are already sympathetic to what they’re selling.
    100% malarkey.

  18. The notion of a cataclysmic event at the edge of recorded history is the most-told story on our planet. If it happened, it’s a historical even that has been interpreted as “religious” in the Book of Genesis. We still call natural disasters “acts of God.” Have any of the early critics even seen “Noah”? I hope it works for a faith based aud as well as a 4 quad aud.

  19. CitizenTM says:

    The question is so biased it does not warrant an answer, from faith based or non-faith based consumers.

    • CG Chase says:

      I agree. I would feel confident that 98% of all readers are not “satisfied” with Hollywood’s take on any piece of literature. Why make Christians look like the ones hard to please. The Christians I know are, for the most part, live and let live. Must they also ‘LIKE’ what Hollywood does?

      Any idea of when Universal will be coming out with “Last Temptation of Muhammad”?

  20. CG Chase says:

    Whether secular or Faith, Hollywood has worked very hard to earn a reputation for taking classic stories and re-writing them with standard Hollywood ideals. Whether it is a beloved Clancy, Hans Christian Anderson, or Dickens story; Hollywood’s reputation for re-writing and totally screwing up a story is well documented and must actually be a point of pride for Hollywood producers. Of course, the greater the classic the more of a travesty the re-write.

  21. Talk about a loaded question! ;

    “As a Faith Driven Consumer, are you satisfied with a Biblically themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood?”

    Looking at it from the perspective of a “Faith Driven Consumer” (fundamentalist Christian?) my answer would tend toward “no”, but I’d have to ask “what is the “core message” of the Bible anyway? And what is the message “created by Hollywood?” I’d have to see the movie first.”

    Imagine if the question was rephrased?

    “As a John Steinbeck fan, are you satisfied with a “Grapes of Wrath” themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the book’s core message with one created by Hollywood?”

    And by the way, have you stopped beating your wife?

  22. CG Chase says:

    After years of Hollywood blatantly reviling ‘establishment’ beliefs and ‘archaic mores’ teaching us to “find the truth within”, etc., it is good to see that they are once again trying to rediscover an audience they have shunned. Unfortunately, and understandably, they have some work to do before they can regain this audience’s (or any audience’s) trust when it comes to film versions of literature.

  23. Ray says:

    Wait and see the film first. You’ll either like it or you won’t like every movie that you see.

  24. This “survey” gives no indication that any of the participants have actually seen the film. That’s ludicrous. How well we should remember the idiots calling for a boycott of The Last Temptation of Christ before the movie even hit theaters. If this is what it means to have “faith,” then the faithful are clearly operating on a shaky belief system if they feel their beliefs are threatened by the mere existence of a movie they have not seen and probably wouldn’t anyway. What do you want — a documentary of Noah and his ark? This is just more jackassery from the religious lunatic fringe.

    See the movie or don’t see it. But don;t be so stupid as to believe you are not satisfied with something you have never encountered. Think about that and follow your own logic the next time you pick up a hymnal and begin croaking.

    • Ron says:

      Your reading comprehension is terrible. The survey participants weren’t asked about the movie they were asked about Hollywood.

      • Jake says:


        You are stupid beyond belief. Direct from the horse’s mouth of the “Faith” organization, you simpering child:

        Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer, stands by the poll and responds that the survey page specifically references Noah.

        “We sent an email introducing our survey that squarely mentions Noah and that links to an extensive article in The Hollywood Reporter, and 5,000 people responded, which is significant,” Stone says. “I don’t know how much clearer we could make it that it was about Noah unless we got in their face and screamed it at them. I mean, we did everything but speak from a burning bush and say, ‘This is about Noah.’ “

      • Read the headline, jackass. Comprende?

  25. Ashley Trey says:

    “As a Atheist Faith Driven Consumer, are you satisfied with a science themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the science’s core message with one from the Bible?”

    • Tim Mayeaux says:

      AFDC crap isn’t selling as it use to. REAL Christians don’t fund unHOLYWOOD. Writers have run out of their sadistic themes. Tired.

  26. Ratt says:

    Not going to see this one.

  27. Robert Jory says:

    The main problem is that too many people take the story seriously. It’s a made up story. Other religions have their own flood stories that happened long before the bible was written. Funny how the bible plagiarizes so many stories but claims those ones are false and theirs is right.

  28. Old Salt says:

    Spell correction:

  29. Robert Jory says:

    No, the first mistake was creating a movie based on a fairy tale that people actually believe. It’s no wonder you crazies are upset.

  30. Robert Jory says:

    11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

    All the fountains of the great deep were broken up. Yea water came from below the Earth according to the bible. The people who wrote the bible thought the Earth was just a piece of land floating on a giant sea and that god opened up the ground to let that water come up. They also believed the sky was a barrier and above it was another huge sea of water and god opened the sky to let that sea fall down.

    If you’re upset that the Noah movie will be silly it’s because the book it’s based on is silly. But that aside, did you even read the loaded question they had in the survey? They were fishing for dissatisfaction.

  31. Bill E. BOBB says:

    that’s the way it is with fairy tales, no one has the same view of how it should be, everyone wants to see their own version of the fairy tale

    • Mr. Wonderful says:

      Here they’ll come ! Prepare for the little evangelical atheists – ranting about Christians and the “god” who doesn’t exist but who obviously controls their every waking moment. They get out of bed every morning , excited to head to some website to continue their journey :) . They are more insistent ,committed to their religion and obnoxious than any Ayatollah in Iraq . They think in black and white because of the “religious fervor” that drives them and aren’t even clued in to their own own religious, emotionally driven , assumptions.

      They’ll deny that every atheistic culture/government , ever in existence , has mass murdered their own citizens – to the tune of “Millions” and imprisoned and murdered anyone found to be a Christian in their societies and then they will tell you that adolf hitler was a “southern Baptist” …and not someone who castigated Jesus and His followers as “weaklings” and who imprisoned the Catholic Priests and Nuns in Germany and demanded that Churches worship a “norse god”.

      These people are about as irrational as you can get.

      • Skeptic says:

        I’ve never had an atheist knock on my door and ask if I’ve heard the word of Jesus, or anyone for that matter. I’ve never seen an atheist building, massive public display, or heard of murder in the name of atheism. I have heard of the crusades, fundamentalist Islamic jihad, and the entire relationship between Israel and Palestine. Religion has caused more wars and led to more human casualties in our existence than both world wars, Vietnam, doubled then combined. A quick look at human history evidences this. Now one may aspire to link secular governments with atrocities toward their own populations but this is an error in correlation and causation. Mr. wonderful should know the U.S government is secular as mandated by the constitution…….

      • We don’t get as irrational as protecting child rapers dressed as pastors. That one is exclusively yours. :)

  32. shecky says:

    Rosita Asano: The Bible talks about the rain, and it ALSO talks about waters coming from inside the earth. So that’s not a mistake in the film.

  33. Mr. Wonderful says:

    Maybe the film owners/producers are hoping that “any publicity” is “good publicity” – but yes – having the usual “Hollywood” humanist make a film about the “Bible” is a genuine oxymoron. Try to imagine Ted Cruz making a film about Ted Kennedy and telling the media that one of his guiding principles was to show the “human side” of Ted Kennedy ! So Ted gets drunk a lot and walks away from young girls trapped in sinking cars and goes home for a nap . I think maybe Ted Cruz’s movie would suggest another explanation for that behavior than the usual ..”Ted was tired and not thinking straight”.

  34. Mike De Fleuriot says:

    Actually it is better for Christians that Noah gets shown this way, as the major character of the story. Because if Hollywood followed the story as written, Yahweh will come off looking really bad. Even worse than all the atheist dictators, like Stalin, Hitler and Pollyann.

  35. Mike De Fleuriot says:

    Do they even Bible?

    20Then Noah began farming and planted a vineyard. 21He drank of the wine and became drunk, and uncovered himself inside his tent. 22Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brothers outside

  36. John says:

    Because I AM Christian I will NOT bother attending the film. I already know the story.

  37. e9muzik says:

    The thing that people continue to forget, this is for ENTERTAINMENT. I understand that it is a biblical story, however; our society feels the need to scrutinize everything into the ground. If you don’t care to see the movie because you feel that it misrepresents the bible story, then don’t go see it. Plain and simple.

  38. mackellanpatrick says:

    That’s not a leading question at all. No, not at all.

  39. Don Felty says:

    Christians are outraged by the question that is being asked, for goodness sakes!!! They don’t seem to be expressing a review of the movie (Which I suspect is not a biblical portrayal).

    IN the first place, we are not looking for the core message of the Bible to be replaced by a Hollowwood message. Whoever came up with the wording for the question shows their lack of understanding of what motivated Faith based believers.

  40. Derick Moore says:

    It ought to bomb, it probably will bomb, but who cares?

  41. Catlove says:

    Even when they do try to get Christian input, they go to silly pop culture Christians and Word of Faith preachers for advice. Even “The Bible” TV series used Rick Warren and Joel Olsteen as advisers, and the results were obvious, or should have been, to anyone with reverence for real Bible. If they actually are interested in appealing to Christians, why not get some respected Bible-believing theologians to help out.

  42. SkewedAshtray says:

    Keep in mind none of their supporters have seen the movie. Maybe a better question would have been, “as a Faith Driven Consumer, would you see a Noah, a film based on the Biblical story of Noah, knowing that the filmmakers have not strictly adhered to the Bible’s storyline?”

  43. Randy says:

    As a Market Researcher by profession, I can easily say that the question (and how it was positioned) has skewed any results of that survey.

  44. B Dixon says:

    What absolute arrogance and stupidity! You tell a story known to every Christian, except you change the whole premise of the story and expect Christians to embrace your version. It is a prescription for another blockbuster flop! What’s next, Hitler was just fighting off the aggressive Jews? Pol Pot was trying to improve the gene pool? Stalin was just getting rid of radicals in his society? I hope you bankrupt your studio with this movie. you deserve it for your stupidity. How about a remake of “The Ten Commandments” portraying Israel as leaving Egypt because of global warming?

  45. Dalton says:

    ditto to much of what has been said already.. if you haven’t seen the movie, you don’t know what’s in it. If you have seen the movie, you probably didn’t see it as a finished work.
    I’ll remind fervent zealots that The Passion was made in Hollywood, but is far and away the greatest theatrical representation of Jesus and became a ‘field trip’ for many churches ….. you wouldn’t know until you see it.

  46. When you have a blatantly leading question like the one in the article, how else are the respondents supposed to answer?

    Whenever I am asked questions like that, I refuse to continue with the survey.

  47. Steph says:

    Well, Miles. Going by your post, you must not have a problem with lesbians.

  48. Tom Bass says:

    I am an evangelical Christian and quite wary of Hollywood. That said, i also have a background in research and statistics, and if the sample question included in this article is indicative of the research this article is based on, its meaningless. That is a blatantly leading question that points faith-driven participants to a negative response. Did they survey people who had seen the movie (I have not) or knew anything of the content. In no way am I defending the movie – in terms of presenting Christian themes history has convinced me pop culture is always guilty until proven innocent. But this isn’t a legitimate survey question.

  49. G7 says:

    If it has an environmental or over-population theme to it I will not see it. The reason for the flood was continuous evil done by man. And for someone to change or add another reason is stupid, ludicrous and arrogant.

  50. Steph says:

    EXACTLY which guns of yours have been taken away?

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