Radius-TWC has acquired worldwide rights to Charlie McDowell’s trippy directorial debut “The One I Love,” which premiered Jan. 21 at the Sundance Film Festival. The deal was made for around $2 million, according to sources.

“The One I Love” is one of the fest’s more difficult-to-describe entries in trying to avoid spoiling the surprise premise. In fact, that was one of the anticipated challenges in selling the film: how does a company market a film without being able to tell audiences what it’s really about?

That said, sources say there were several suitors vying for the rights, as the film poses an enticing marketing challenge creative-wise.

Radius-TWC plans to give the film a fourth-quarter release.

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The film features standout performances from both Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass (who also served as exec producer, alongside his brother Jay, the writer Justin Lader and McDowell), playing a husband and wife on the brink of separation. Pic screened in the Premiere section.

Variety‘s Geoff Berkshire called the film an “incredibly assured directorial debut” that “essentially turns the idea of a two-hander upside down and inside out.”

The deal was negotiated by Radius co-prexies Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, as well as acquisitions manager Jason Wald. ICM Partners and Josh Braun brokered the sale on behalf of the filmmakers.