MADRID – Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired U.S rights to “Best Worst Friends,” the latest movie from Chile’s Nicolas Lopez, whose “Aftershock,” co-written by and starring Eli Roth, was released in the U.S by Radius-The Weinstein Company.

Founded by DVD vet Keith Leopard in 2012, and working theatrical, physical home entertainment, VOD and TV distribution, Uncork’d will give “Best Worst Friends” a limited theatrical release on May 2.

It has acquired all U.S. rights save for a two-month window that kicks in for Netflix, a “Friends” co-producer, from May 2, Lopez said.

“Best Worst Friends” is already available on iTunes, he added.

Operating a effective mini-studio based around his Santiago de Chile company, Sobras Pictures International, which he runs with Miguel Asensio, Lopez, a prolific director-producer-screenwriter, has developed two movie production lines: Spanish-language gross-out comedies with Chilean stars, which nevertheless command some international audience; full-blown international English-language movies, written and produced with Eli Roth, as part of a Chilewood production hub.

Written by Lopez and regular co-scribe Guillermo Amoedo, and produced by Sobras, “Best Worst Friends” is a sequel to Lopez’s 2004’s “Promedio rojo,” a breakout gross-out debut championed by Quentin Tarantino. It reprises, 10 years on, the original’s teen comedy characters: the nerd hero (Ariel Levy) and his two doofus friends (Nicolas Martinez, Sebastian Muniz). They have matured below their age. When one, the most Forrest Gump-ish, is told he has two weeks to live, they resolve to live out a bucket-list, drawn up at high school, of things to do before they die, such as meeting a leprechaun and time-travel.

“A demented comedy on friendship and, in some way, an unofficial sequel to ‘Back To the Future,’ ‘Best Worst Friends’ is a love-letter to the movies I grew up watching,” Lopez said.

Uncork’d also handled the distribution of Lopez’s “Fuck My…” trilogy on iTunes.

Open Road will bow the Roth-directed “Green Inferno,” co-produced by Christopher Woodrow’s Worldview Entertainment and by Sobras and co-written by Roth, Lopez and Amoedo, on 2,000-plus copies in the U.S. on Sept. 5, Lopes said.

Sobras’ upcoming comedies include “Special Forces,” “a kind of Chilean ‘Police Academy’,” said Lopez, which Lopez wrote with celebrated Chilean comics Sergio Freire and Rodrigo Salinas. Directed by Jose Zuniga, “Forces” bows October in Chile.