UDI is looking to board Matias Lucchesi’s next pic “El Pampero” as its international sales agent and domestic distributor in France, said UDI’s Eric Schnedecker.

The Paris and NY-based outfit, headed by Frederic Corvez, handled foreign sales and the French release of Lucchesi’s feature debut “Ciencias Naturales,” which racked up major awards on the festival circuit and sold to Outsider Pictures for the U.S., Mexico’s Alphaville, K Films in Canada, Surtsey Films in Spain, and Palace Films in Australia, among other territories.

The word “pampero” refers to the gusts of icy polar air that buffet the Pampas, the vast grass-covered plains of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

“I’ve been location scouting lately and will start shooting by February 2,” said Lucchesi, whose Salta la Liebre shingle produces the drama with “Ciencias Naturales” co-producer Tarea Fina. Gonzalo Solaya, who co-penned “Ciencias Naturales” with Lucchesi, has also collaborated on “El Pampero.”

Even more of a challenge was to find the right wooden sailboat and river where 50% of the action takes place, said Lucchesi, who is an avid sailor himself, and believes he finally found the right boat.

In “Pampero,” Lucchesi revisits the theme of parent-child estrangement as in his feature debut and in his short, “Distances.” “It’s not based on my life but I find this theme dramatically interesting,” he said.

Starring Julio Chavez and Pilar Gamboa, “Pampero” centers on a terminally ill man estranged from his son. While out sailing, he finds a stowaway on his boat and decides to help her instead of turning her in to the police. Through his new friendship with her, he begins to understand what happened between him and his son.