Pamplona-based shingle Arena Comunicacion and San Sebastian’s Txalap.art are re-teaming to co-produce Pablo Iraburu and Migueltxo Molina docu-feature “Walls.”

Project, which turns on people who live on different sides of divisive walls around the world, won a special mention at September’s San Sebastian Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, which included an invitation to Ventana Sur’s current edition.

Rolling from April, “Walls’” production team has shot to date on the frontiers between Spain and Morocco, U.S. and Mexico and South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Shooting continues from Dec. 7 on the India-Bangladesh border and, in January, a second unit will roll at the Palestina-Israel frontier.

Pic’s edition will be completed by June, and it’ll be ready to join the festivals circuit from September.

“The visual and narrative approach focuses on the wall concept, not entering geopolitical analysis or the strategic or moral assessment of the situation,” said Itziar Garcia, production director at Arena Comunicacion.

“We use the absurd symmetry of each wall as a mirror. The close and intense portraits of real people, approaching their real and intimate life, lets us see that, on both sides, we all share the same dreams, fears, thoughts and emotions,” she added.

With a €680,000 ($836,400) budget, project has covered 40% of total financing, backed by European Union’s Media Program, Spain’s Icaa film institute, Navarre’s Inaac and the Basque Government.

Producers are in advanced talks with a Spanish TV broadcaster to sell “Walls’” Spanish and Portuguese TV rights. Relief organisation Oxfam will support the project from promotional angle “to help its message to resonate worldwide,” said Garcia.

“Walls” marks Arena and Txalap.art’s third joint docu-feature project after “Nomadak Tx” (2006) and “Pura Vida – The Ridge” (2012), two well-received and widely-sold films.

“We are a team, both production companies, that share a passion for documentary, for reality and for human stories. Normally, in our films we choose a particular subject to talk about something bigger, universal values,” Garcia said.

At Ventana Sur, Iztiar Garcia’s main objective is to close an international distribution deal on “Walls.”