BUENOS AIRES —Adding to a bevy of Ventana Sur screening movies which hit the market with a sales agent newly attached, U.S.-based Shoreline Ent. has acquired worldwide  rights to “The Incident,¨ the distinctive sci-fi feature film debut of Mexico´s  Isaac Ezban.

Also written by Ezban, “Incident” will be screened by Shoreline at Ventana Sur. In a separate deal, Cine Canibal has snagged Mexico distrib rights.

While some Latin American fantastic film skews niche mainstream, “Incident” is a prime example of auteur genre, a lo-fi sci-fi  title which brings allegorical  – as well as, inevitably, metaphysical reflections – to a fantasy narrative.

Dubbed “psychological science fiction” by Ezban, indie thriller “The Incident” weaves two parallel stories about characters trapped in illogical endless spaces – two brothers and a detective locked on an infinite staircase, and a family locked on an infinite road – for a very long time.

Raul Mendez (“KM. 31”), Nailea Norvind (“The Other Family”) Hernan Mendoza (“After Lucia”), Humberto Busto (“Amores Perros”) and Fernando Alvarez (“The Tears”) star.

“The Incident” deals with many metaphors about how life goes by and the passing of time… These are very universal subjects… I always envisioned it as a universal tale (a story that could work in Mexico but also in the U.S,  Japan and Australia), so I’m very happy Shoreline has come on board,” Ezban said.

“The strong visual and narrative identities of ‘The Incident’ make for a mysterious yet riveting experience. We’re proud to represent such a unique title from such a young and talented,” said Shoreline acquisitions head Melody Djavadi.

“What a surprisingly strong film, watching the film is a fun ride and I suspect selling it will be equally as fun,” added Shoreline EVP Sam Eigen.

The Mexican distributor of “Force Majeure,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s” reissue and Mexican films “The Amazing Catfish” and ”La jaula de oro,” Cine Canibal, which is run by Germiniano Pineda, aims to release “The Incident” in April.

“I believe they have good eye and take good care of small independent films.” Ezban said.

In development, “The Incident” won best original screenplay at Mexico’s 2013 Guanajuato Festival, then Best Project Presentation at the 1st Austin Fantastic Market, from a jury made up by Elijah Wood, Robert Rodriguez, Tim League and Harry Knowles.

That support, plus money from private investors, allowed ‘The Incident’ to get made, Ezban said.

Screening as a work in progress at Cannes 2014 Blood Window’s Midnight Galas, “The Incident” world premiered at September’s Austin Fantastic Fest, then played Busan and Sitges. Among eight fest prizes to date, it won a Fox Mexico Premiere Award at Los Cabos, which comprised the acquisition of Latin American pay TV rights, and a best picture critics’ kudo at Mexico’s Morbido Fest.