“Wolverine Hotel” from director Patricia Chica is howling closer to production with a recent financing commitment from Jean-Guy Després, who will serve as exec producer. The edgy crime thriller is produced by Canada-based Byron Martin.

Looking to cast a Latino actor as co-star, Chica met with rising Mexican thesp Luis Gerardo Mendez (“We Are the Nobles”) during AFM though he has not yet been attached. “A Latino star opens up a market,” said Martin.

Canadian actress Christine Solomon (“Basra,” “Heliopolis”) has just been attached to play a supporting role.

“Being directed by a young up-and-coming filmmaker like Patricia Chica, with a strong creative vision, this film has the potential to also do well in the international film festival circuit,” said Després. Martin is at the Los Cabos Film Festival with the Canadian delegation, and has “Wolverine Hotel” in Los Cabos’ Mexico-U.S.-Canada Co-production Forum, will now look to raise the other 50% of the $1.5 million production.

A prolific director of shorts and TV projects, Chica (pictured) make her feature directing debut on “Wolverine Hotel.” Her short “Serpent’s Lullaby” won Cannes’ Coup de Coeur honor.

First-time screenwriter Andrew Lynch drew on his own life for “Wolverine Hotel,” which is set in the gritty underground world of three addicts who share a hotel room and are caught up in a succession of brutal dramas.

“I found in this concept all the ingredients that I like to exploit as a filmmaker: the exploration of irony, dark humor and gritty realism. What appeals to me the most about this story is the way that it is told, in a non-linear fashion,” said Chica.

Updated: This story has been changed to reflect that Riley Keough is not officially attached to the project.