LONDON — Amma Asante, who won a BAFTA with her debut feature “A Way of Life,” has confirmed that Pinewood Pictures will finance her fourth movie, “Where Hands Touch.”

“Where Hands Touch” is a romantic drama that centers on a mixed-race German girl and an SS officer during World War II.

Pinewood Pictures also financed Asante’s second film, “Belle,” which was produced by Damian Jones. Fox Searchlight released the pic in the U.K. and U.S. earlier this year.

“Belle,” which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, is inspired by the true story of a mixed-race girl raised as an aristocratic lady in England around the time of the abolition of slavery.

Asante is working on her third film, thriller “Unforgettable,” for Warner Bros. Pic centers on a man whose new wife is menaced by his ex-wife.

Asante was speaking at the Screen Film Summit on Monday in London, where she made a plea for more support for ethnic minority and women directors and writers.