“Iceland” has chosen “Life in a Fishbowl” to campaign for a foreign-language oscar nomination.

Directed by Baldvin Zophoniasson, who made his debut with “Jitters,” “Fishbowl” had its international premiere at the Toronto , where it received warm reviews. The movie was also a commercial and critical hit in Iceland.

“This naturalistic portrait of fraught lifestyles in Reykjavik on the eve of the country’s 2008 economic meltdown touched a nerve on home turf, outdrawing Hollywood blockbusters to become one of the island’s biggest-ever domestic hits,” Variety’s Alissa Simon wrote in her Toronto review.

Set in pre-crisis Iceland, “Fishbowl” is a multiple-narrative drama weaving together the stories of three people leading a double life: a struggling single mother who turns to prostitution to make ends meet, a former footballer making it in the international banking world, and a troubled writer who has become alcoholic.

It’s produced by Icelandic Film Co., in co-production with Axman Prod., Harmonica Films and Solar Films.