Lemon Films’ Producer Alexis Fridman Talks Up ‘The Shore’

Movie project 'The Shore' to be helmed by Colombia's Juan Felipe Orozco

Lemon Films’ Producer Alexis Fridman Talks

The second edition of Ventana Sur’s Blood Window drew Latin Americans filmmakers and companies to Buenos Aires this past week. Ventana Sur, which ended on Friday, highlighted the growth and youth of the Latin American film production sector.

Powering some of that growth this genre. One modern-day genre pioneer, Mexico’s Lemon Films’ is readying “The Shore,” a coming-of-age horror film about uncovering the past, taking a look at the relationship between a mother and daughter who simultaneously fight two evils.

Lemon Films’ producer Fridman, who was unable to pitch the project at Blood Window, said he got involved with the film after Lemon collaborated with Colombian brothers Juan Felipe and Carlos Esteban Orozco on the 2011 film “Saluda al Diablo de Mi Parte.” Since then, he explained, Lemon Films has been seeking a project to develop together. “The Shore” fits the bill for them.

“We really liked the concept of two generations fighting the same evil in different times,” Fridman said of the film.

Many have compared the film to “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and “The Changeling” because of the strong and troubled female lead. Fridman said that, as a producer, in order to pick up a film, he must “love the script and people behind it.”

Though there was no pitch at Blood Window, Fridman remains optimistic about the response the thriller will receive. “We are hoping they will love it. Both the Orozco brothers and I are interested in a ‘drama oriented’ horror film where the characters – and not the scares – make the movie great.”

As for who they believe will be viewing the film, Fridman said he hopes it will draw in viewers from all demographics and backgrounds.

“We are hoping to expand to the U.S., but without focusing solely on the Hispanic market,” Fridman said. “Hopefully if we make good enough content we will capture not only the Mexican entertainment market, but many more.”