In 2013, Cocquerel made his screen debut in short film “Walk Right In” and had a single-episode arc in Aussie TV series “Love Child” before he was tapped to star opposite Anthony Hopkins in helmer Daniel Alfredson’s “Kidnapping Freddie Heineken,” now in post.


On the “Heineken” set,  the 24-year-old Cocquerel got to spend some time with countrymen Sam Worthington and Ryan Kwanten, all part of the gang that pinch the title character, played by Hopkins, based on a real 1983 kidnapping. “They certainly taught me a great deal about work ethic and gave me tips about the behind-the-scenes business that goes on in Hollywood,” Cocquerel says. “(Hopkins) is a real force on set, an incredible actor, and such a kind man.”


Cocquerel will next be seen in Oz TV project “Anzac Girls,” a period miniseries about the role of Aussie nurses in World War II.


Despite his growing success, Cocquerel realizes his big international break may still be years away, though “Kidnapping Freddie Heineken” has opened doors for him. “I know a lot of actors who have a long list of credits and are still fighting for and auditioning for roles,” he says.


Still, he’s managed to score some points in the tabloids, being linked to actresses Lily Collins and Dianna Agron. What better way to raise your Q Score?