At just 30, Ines Efron has chalked up the experience of a vet, having acted in more than a dozen films and several plays since the age of 19.

As one of Argentina’s prized thespians, Efron has worked with some of the country’s leading helmers including Lucrecia Martel, Lucia Puenzo and Victoria Galardi. She took up acting classes at the Escuela Nora Moseinco. Her film credits include: Puenzo’s “XXY” and “El Nino Pez,” “Amorosa Soledad” by Martin Carranza and Victoria Galardi, Martel’s “La Mujer sin Cabeza,” “Medianeras” by Gustavo Taretto and “Dias de Vinilo” by Gabriel Nesci.

You star in Martin Piroyanksy’s “Voley,” which is in the Panorama sidebar of Mar del Plata. What’s it about and what role do you play?

It’s an ensemble comedy of intrigue about six close friends who get together in Tigre, situated on the Parana Delta, to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We spent five weeks on the shoot last April and it was like one big party. I play the most naïve, and probably the funniest character in the group.

Do you prefer working in theatre or film?

I love the theatre as it gives the best training an actor can get. It’s more fluid, you’re with a live audience and you’re more in charge of the creative process.  Filming is great for the fun of being on location and working with a variety of people.

Which of the films you’ve worked on are the most special for you?

I would say the first film I worked on, “Glue” by Alexis dos Santos. I was just 20 years old. Alex takes risks and encourages improvisation. He made it an adventure, which appealed to me. I also loved working on “Cerro Bayo” with Victoria Galardi who wrote the part for me and is very focused on directing actors. She has a clear, consistent tone in her films.

You’re probably most associated with “XYZ” where you play a 15-year-old intersex person with an identity crisis. What are your thoughts about this film?

I was very young then when I made it, just 24. It made an important social impact when it came out years ago. It holds a very special place in my heart.

Have you worked abroad? What languages do you speak?

I worked on TV series, “A Menina sem Cualidades” and a play in Brazil, as well as “Lynch” [a Moviecity Original TV series] for Fox Telecolombia in Colombia. Aside from Spanish, I speak English and understand Portuguese.

What’s next in store?

I may be working on a film in Mexico where I was born, in fact, although I grew up in Argentina. Can’t disclose anything else for the moment. Meanwhile, I continue my studies in acting and am also teaching it.