BUENOS AIRES – In one of the strongest production-distribution combinations this year on any Spanish-language film, Buenos Aires’ K & S Films, Telefonica Studios and France’s La Ferme Productions will co-produce Daniel Calparsoro’s “No Crook, No Crime.”

Twentieth Century Fox, in association with Fox International Productions (FIP), will distribute “No Crook, No Crime” in the U.S., Latin America and Spain.

Film Factory will sell the rest of the world, introducing “No Crook, No Crime” to buyers at Buenos Aires’ Ventana Sur.

As already announced, the film is a production of Spain’s Vaca Films, Morena Films and Telecinco Cinema.

Written by Jorge Guerricaechevarria (“El Nino,” “Witching & Bitching”), “No Crook, No Crime” is set one rainy morning when six armed men pull a job at the headquarters of a bank in Valencia, Spain. But what appears a quick in-and-out heist goes awry. Tension, then confrontations, break out between the gang’s two leaders, “El Uruguayo” and “ El Gallego,” begging the question of what exactly the robbers are looking for.

“No Crook, No Crime” narrates the heist minute-by-minute, opening up parallel dramas until it becomes a portrait of contemporary Spain, said Morena Films’ Juan Gordon.

Pure entertainment also prompts reflections on universal issues – deception, a sense of duty, he added.

Luis Tosar (“El Nino,”), Rodrigo de la Serna (“The Motorcycle Diaries”), Raul Arevalo (“Marshland”), Jose Coronado (“No Rest For the Wicked”), Patricia Vico (“Hospital Central”) and Marian Alvarez, nominated for a best actress European Film Award for “Wounded,” head a top-notch Spanish-Argentine cast.

Canal Plus in Spain, Spain’s Icaa film agency, Eurimages, and the Media and Ibermedia programs also back the suspense title.

Gordon, Emma Lustres, Borja Pena, Ghislain Barrois and Alvaro Augustin produce; Gabriel Arias Salgado, Axel Kuschevatzky, Hugo Sigman, Matias Mosteirin, Franck Ribiere and Verane Frediani co-produce.

Having just wrapped its shoot in Spain’s Canary Islands, “No Crook, No Crime” combines some of the most successful and powerful companies working in the Spanish-language business, who have all worked together before on hits.

Hugo Sigman’s K& S produced Damian Szifron’s Cannes competition player “Wild Tales,” a Sony Pictures Classics U.S. pick-up, distributed by Warner Bros. in Latin America, Spain and France.

Via Argentine broadcaster Telefe, Telefonica Studios backed “Wild Tales” and “The Secret in Their Eyes.” Vaca, Morena and Telecinco Cinema teamed for “Cell 211,” one of Spain’s biggest breakouts in recent years; Vaca and Telecinco Cinema also partnered on “El Nino.” Ribiere and Frediani co-produced “Cell 211” and “El Nino.”

In Argentina, Fox distributed Ricardo Darin starrer “7th Floor,” a box office breakout produced, among others, by K & S and by Telecinco Cinema. In Spain, Fox distributed “El Nino,” the second highest-grossing title of any nationality in Spain this year, with a $20.8 million box office.