PARIS– “Bodom,” Taneli Mustonen’s stylish horror project based on the 1960’s campsite murders, is shaping up to be one of Scandinavia’s most anticipated elevated genre imports.

Attending the AFM with a teaser, Mustonen, an up-and-coming Finnish helmer, and his fellow producer and co-writer Aleksi Hyvärinen have secured financing from Scandinavia, including development funds from the Finnish Film Foundation.

The pair, who are producing via Don Films, are now in negotiations with various international sales agents.

The $1 million pic is based on the creepy events that shook Finland in 1960, when four teenagers were stabbed to death while sleeping in their tent at Lake Bodom. It follows a group of teenagers who travels to Lake Bodom on a deadly mission to solve the murder, reconstructing it minute by minute.

Mustonen told Variety he was looking to make an old-fashioned slasher with a strong visual identity. Along with “Bodom,” Don Films is developing a slate of more elevated genre projects.

First pitched at this year’s Finnish Film Affair in Helsinki, the buzzed-about project marks Mustonen’s follow up to the family comedy “Ella and Friends.”

Lensing will start during the third quarter of 2015 for an expected delivery in early 2016.