PARIS– Nils Malmros’s gripping autobiographical drama “Sorrow and Joy” has been chosen to represent Denmark in the foreign-language Oscar campaign.

The committee, made up of Danish Film Institute and local film industry orgs, selected Nils Malmros’s “Sorrow and Joy” over Niels Arden Oplev’s “Speed Walking” and Pernille Fischer Christensen’s “Someone You Love” which had been shortlisted.

The movie, sold by TrustNordisk, world-premiered at Rome to warm reviews and had a healthy run at the Danish box office, selling 272,000 tickets since its Nov. 2013 release.

Pic turns on the tragic story of Johannes and his wife Signe, who killed the couple’s young child  in a psychotic fit. “Sorrow and Joy” depicts the couple’s struggle to continue loving each other and surviving their loss.

“It has been a difficult decision. These are three very personal films by directors who are very well known and who we can be proud of, and all three have been noticed internationally over the years,” says Danish Film Institute’s CEO Henrik Bo Nielsen who chairs the committee.

Nielsen described Malmros as a gifted story-teller who dares to stand out. “He is not afraid to tackle taboos, he deals with universal themes and has the ability to move his audience,” added Malmros.

“Sorrow and Joy” was penned by Malmros and John Mogensen. Thomas Heinesen at Nordisk Film produced. Pic was backed by the Danish Film Institute.