Berlin: Shoreline Takes ‘Boys,’ ‘Night,’ ‘Portrait, ‘ Mouse’ (EXCLUSIVE)

U.S. sales house also launches alternative distribution model in U.S.

Berlin: Shoreline Takes ‘Boys,’ ‘Night,’ 'Portrait,

BERLIN – Acquiring world sales rights to four new Spanish-language titles in the run-up to Berlin – “Good Old Boys,” “The Magician,” “The Night of the Mouse,” “Portrait of an Animal Behaviour” – U.S sales company Shoreline Entertainment is also building momentum with its Latino titles on the U.S front, launching a novel Best of Modern Latin Cinema theatrical series at select locations in the U.S.

Written, helmed and produced by Peru’s Fernando Villaran, “Good Old Boys” stars thesps Carlos Gassols, Enrique Victoria and Ricardo Blume as three life-long friends which steal their buddy’s ashes to take him on one last adventure. Directed by the Basque Country’s David R. Losada and produced by Asier Vazquez for Lepantstrit Produce, “Night” is one of the first of Spanish movies financed outside traditional subsidy, TV and distribution channels in Spain to earn a U.S. sales company deal.

A romantic suspense drama with film noir and horror touches, per Losada, “Night” turns on a couple of colleagues traveling to a business meeting who somehow never arrive.

From Chile’s Matias Pinochet, “Magician,” a thriller-drama-romance genre blender, turns on a young magician languishing in the sticks who finds love, and confronts a notorious criminal gang.

Co-written and directed by Gonzalo Lugo and Florencia Colucci, the loopy road-trip romantic comedy “Portrait of an Animal Behaviour” screened in December at Ventana Sur’s Primer Corte pix-in-post showcase, curated by Cannes Cinefondation general manager Georges Goldenstern.

It co-stars Colucci, who put in a memorable lead turn in Gustavo Hernandez’s stylish slasher “La casa muda,” remade Stateside by “Open Waters’” Chris Kentis and Laura Lau. In “Portrait,” her character travels with a passionate marine biologist to Brazil to study dolphins. Their behavior is reminiscent of the couple’s.

A repeated, one-week showcase for two Latino movies, sharing the same screen, the Best of Modern Latin Cinema kicks off at a theater in Minnesotta’s Theaters at Mall of America, the largest mall in America, and at Oasis 9 in Nogales, Arizona and New Mexico’s Icon 10 in Roswell.

More locations are considering future dates, said Sam Eigen, Shoreline executive vice president.

First films up are “Man From the Future,” a back-to-the future romantic comedy which Paramount released in Brazil, and Brazilian first-timer Luciano Moura’s 2012 Sundance entry “Father’s Chair,” a road movie starring Wagner Moura (pictured, “Elite Squad”) and produced by Fernando Meirelles’ o2 Filmes.

For a week from Feb. 14, The Best Of series will also feature Chilean Sebastian Brahm’s “Roman’s Circuit,” about a neuropsychologist who is much better understanding the mysteries of the human mind than those of the human heart. It is one of the early features from “The Maid” producer Forastero.

It will be twinned with sales breakout “7 Boxes,” a feature debut from Paraguay’s Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schembori. An action-thriller breakout hit for Shoreline, “7 Boxes” has also sold worldwide.

“The traditional distribution model predicates a film’s success on an immediate wide release. This can prove problematic for indie and foreign films that don’t typically find themselves sharing valuable Cineplex space with bigger, more commercial releases,” Eigen said.

“We wanted to explore an alternative model that would allow us to bring underexposed, quality content to previously underserved markets while building towards an eventual wider push.”

Handled by U.S distributor Breaking Glass Pictures, “7 Boxes” will initiate its U.S. roll-next Friday in New York, L.A., Chicago, Santa Fe and several other markets before opening in five Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, as well as Miami, Seattle, Philadelphia, among other U.S. locations.

Set at Asuncion’s central market, “Seven Boxes” will be available on VOD nationwide in the U.S. through local cable providers as well as iTunes and Amazon Instant.

“I am thrilled to be working with Shoreline and its initiative of showcasing Latin American film. Our upcoming theatrical release of ‘7 Boxes’ will bring audiences one of the first real looks into Paraguayan film culture,” said Michael Repsch, Breaking Glass VP, sales & distribution.