Berlin: Memento Boards High-Profile Docu ‘Energized’

Movie, from Austria’s Allegra Film, plumbs the energy industry

Berlin: Memento Boards High-Profile Docu ‘Energized’

MADRID -. Paris-based Memento Films International (MFI) has acquired international sales rights to Hubert Canaval’s docu-feature “Energized,” which is produced by Austria’s Allegro Film, the company behind high-profile doc hits such as “More Than Honey,” “We Feed The World,” and “Let’s Make Money.” 

MFI will introduce the film to buyers at this week’s European Film Market, where it has arranged screenings.

As “Feed” did for the food industry, and “Money” did for high finance, “Energized” strips bear the economic imperatives driving the energy industry, which is often fondly imagined to be about giving people what they need.

It also asks if man can go on meeting energy needs without destroying the planet.

MFI’s head of acquisitions Tanja Meissner and Allegro’s Constanze Schumann negotiated the sales deal.

Thimfilm will release “Energized” in Austria later this year.

Allegro’s docu-features have often broken out to notable box office results. 2012’s “More Than Honey,” which asks why millions of bees have disappeared from the world, was the most successful documentary even at Swiss cinemas, and sold 156,000 tix in Germany.