LONDON — The Forum section of the Berlin Film Festival, which is devoted to the cutting edge of indie filmmaking, has unveiled its lineup, which includes 28 world and eight international premieres.

World premieres include Corneliu Porumboiu’s “The Second Game,” Guillaume Nicloux’s “The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq” and Zhao Dayong’s “Shadow Days.”

American actress Josephine Decker delivers both her feature helming debut “Butter on the Latch,” about the strange experiences of two friends in a Californian forest, and her second feature, “Thou Wast Mild and Lovely” (pictured), a sensual thriller inspired by “East of Eden,” set on a farm in Kentucky.

A spotlight is put on young filmmakers from Eastern Europe in the program, which includes Estonian filmmaker Veiko Ounpuu’s “Free Range,” Poland’s “Parasite,” directed by Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal, and “40 Days of Silence” by Uzbek helmer Saodat Ismailova.

Among the themes explored in the Forum pics are working environments and aggravated class relations in economically unstable times, and how the individual copes.

Athanasios Karanikolas’ “At Home” tells the story of a Georgian housekeeper in a sunny villa in Greece, who — after being diagnosed with a serious illness — is cast aside when her employer’s business begins to falter.

“Forma,” the feature debut by Japanese helmer Ayumi Sakamoto, revolves around two former school friends who have since gone their separate ways. Having built a successful career, Ayako offers Yukari a position in her company, who has thus far only had various menial jobs. The two friends now play the roles of boss and subordinate, as their differences come to the fore.

Directorial debuts include Damian John Harper’s “Los Angeles,” about a young man living in a Mexican village who takes on the local mobsters, and the offbeat American feature “She’s Lost Control” by German helmer Anja Marquardt, which centers on a therapist who tests the boundary between a professional relationship and private intimacy.

The Forum’s Special Screenings will be announced separately.

The Airstrip by Heinz Emigholz, Germany – WP
Al doilea joc (The Second Game) by Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania – WP
Le beau danger by Rene Frolke, Germany/Italy – WP
Butter on the Latch by Josephine Decker, U.S. – WP
Casse (Scrap Yard) by Nadege Trebal, France – IP
Castanha by Davi Pretto, Brazil – WP
Cheol-ae-kum (A Dream of Iron) by Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, Korea/U.S. – WP
Chilla (40 Days of Silence) by Saodat Ismailova, Uzbekistan/Tajikistan/Netherlands/Germany/France – WP
The Darkside by Warwick Thornton, Australia – IP
L’enlevement de Michel Houellebecq (The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq) by Guillaume Nicloux, France – WP
Forma by Ayumi Sakamoto, Japan – IP
Free Range – Ballaad maailma heakskiitmisest (Free Range) by Veiko Ounpuu, Estonia – IP
Das grosse Museum (The Great Museum) by Johannes Holzhausen, Austria – WP
The Guests by Ken Jacobs, U.S. – WP
Gui ri zi (Shadow Days) by Zhao Dayong, China/Hong Kong – WP
Huba (Parasite) by Anka Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal, Poland/U.K. – WP
Ich will mich nicht kunstlich aufregen (Asta Upset) by Max Linz, Germany – WP
Iranien (Iranian) by Mehran Tamadon, France / Switzerland – WP
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter by David Zellner, U.S. – IP
Kumun tadı (Seaburners) by Melisa Onel, Turkey – WP
Lajwanti (The Honor Keeper) by Pushpendra Singh, India – WP
Los Angeles by Damian John Harper, Germany/Mexico – WP
La marche a suivre (Guidelines) by Jean-Francois Caissy, Canada – WP
N – The Madness of Reason by Peter Kruger, Belgium/Germany/Netherlands – WP
Nagima by Zhanna Issabayeva, Kazakhstan
Non-fiction Diary by Jung Yoon-suk, Korea – IP
Padurea e ca muntele, vezi? (The Forest is Like the Mountains) by Christiane Schmidt, Didier Guillian, Romania/Germany – WP
Que ta joie demeure (Joy of Man’s Desiring) by Denis Cote, Canada – WP
Shemtkhveviti paemnebi (Blind Dates) by Levan Koguashvili, Georgia
She’s Lost Control by Anja Marquardt, U.S. – WP
Ship bun (10 Minutes) by Lee Yong-seung, Korea – IP
Souvenir by Andre Siegers, Germany – WP
Sto spiti (At Home) by Athanasios Karanikolas, Greece / Germany – WP
Thou Wast Mild and Lovely by Josephine Decker, U.S. – WP
To Singapore, With Love by Tan Pin Pin, Singapore
Tochter (Daughters) by Maria Speth, Germany – WP
Top Girl oder la deformation professionnelle (Top Girl or la deformation professionnelle) by Tatjana Turanskyj, Germany – WP
Und in der Mitte, da sind wir (And There We are, in the Middle) by Sebastian Brameshuber, Austria – WP
Zamatovi teroristi (Velvet Terrorists) by Ivan Ostrochovsky, Pavol Pekarcik, Peter Kerekes, Slovak Republic/Czech Republic/Croatia – IP
(WP = World premiere, IP = International premiere)