Prada is celebrating its ongoing collaboration with Wes Anderson by making “The Grand Budapest Hotel” the protag of its Berlin store.

Two windows and a dedicated in-store display of the Berlin Prada shop located on Kurfuerstendamm 186 are currently showing off a selection from the set of custom-made suitcases and trunks that Prada – taking inspiration from the brand’s own vintage models from the 1920s and 30s – designed for the pic.

They include Prada luggage for “Grand” leading lady Madame D., played by Tilda Swinton, with a wooden frame wrapped in soft leather to create a vintage effect, in oak and natural tones lined in peach pink cotton, and similar pieces, in black, designed for the male lead, M. Gustave, played by Ralph Fiennes. And also a black nappa leather coat for scary henchman Joplin, played by Willem Dafoe.

Swinton’s suitcases, fetishized by Anderson in the pic, were given additional touches by artist Mieke Casal, who painted the initials of the character Mdm. C.V.D.u.T (Madame Céline Villeneuve Desgoffe und Taxis) on the leather in typical 20s style.

“Budapest Hotel” marks the latest in a series of collaborations between Anderson and Prada including production of his short “Castello Cavalcanti,” shot at Rome’s Cinecittà Studios, and the “Prada: Candy” promotional web series starring Lea Seydoux, co-directed by Anderson and Roman Coppola. Interestingly, the vintage luggage custom-made for Anderson’s 2008 “The Darjeeling Limited” was instead from Louis Vuitton.

Prada, which influenced the vintage look of Baz Luhrman’s “The Great Gatsby,” for which it designed dozens of dresses, also financed a Roman Polanski short, and supports a series of shorts by women called “The Miu Miu Women’s Tales,” now a regular fixture at the Venice Film Festival.