VENICE – The Venice Film Market’s Final Cut in Venice workshop which provides support and partnership opportunities to films from Africa and Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, has announced its winners.

Interestingly, they are all docus.

They are:

-“The Council” by Palestinian/Jordanian filmmaker Yahya Alabdallah about three young students running for student council in a United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Jordan. Rula Nasser’s ME Films is producing.

– “A Maid For Each,” by Lebanese helmer Maher Abi Samra, about how foreign housemaids in Lebanon can become something similar to slaves. Sabine Sidawi’s Orjouane Productions is producing.

-”Posessed by Djinn,” by Jordanian director Dalia Al Kury, an investigation into demonic beliefs in Islamic culture. It traces the story of a four-year-old Jordanian girl killed by her father because he believed her to be possessed. Lino Rettinger’s Lichtblick Film is producing.

– “Rollaball,” by South African director Eddie Edwards, about the Rolling Rockets, Ghana’s disabled skate soccer team. Steven Markovitz’s Big World Cinema is producing.

These are all projects in post that will receive different types of support, including free color correction, sound mix, DCP costs and cash.

Organised by the VFM in collaboration with both the Amiens International Film Festival and the Fribourg International Film Festival, Final Cut in Venice is dedicated to territories with fertile cinematographies where making movies can be an especially tough task.
The six selected projects in post were presented to producers, buyers, distributors and international fest honchos on the Lido to facilitate their post-production process, promote possible co-production partnerships and access to the distribution market.