‘Tourist,’ ‘Gentlemen’ Set for Nordic Film Market

Market’s about-40 titles biggest number ever

‘Tourist,’ ‘Gentlemen’ Set Nordic Film Market

STOCKHOLM–Ruben Ostlund’s highly anticipated “Tourist” (pictured) and Mikael Marcimain’s “Gentlemen” top the work-in-progress sessions at the Goteborg Festival’s Nordic Film Market.

Also among the sessions are Denmark’s Ole Christian Madsen’s (“Flame & Citron”, “Prague”) new project “Itsi Bitsi” as well as “Paris of the North” by Iceland’s Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson. Helmer’s feature debut “Either Way” was re-made in the US as “Prince Avalanche” by David Gordon Green, and Sigurdsson was selected among Variety’s “Ten European Directors to Watch” in 2012.

A clutch of world premieres will also screen, among them Fest’s opening pic, “Something Must Break” by Ester Martin Bergmark, Johan Renck’s “City of Thieves,” and Tarik Saleh’s closing pic “Tommy”, starring Ola Rapace, Moa Gammel and pop star Lykke Li, in her first film appearance.

Additionally Norway’s Eskil Vogt’s Sundance awarded feature debut (Best script) “Blind” will be screened at the market. Vogt is previously known as Joachim von Trier’s co-writer (“Reprise”, “Oslo, August 31st”).

The Nordic Film Market is the most important venue for promoting and screening films in Scandinavia.

Unspooling Jan. 30-Feb. 2, and lending significant industry heft to Sweden’s Goteborg Film Festival, it showcases seminars, a Nordic Film Lab, screenings and a works-in-progress strand. In total, around 40 titles will be presented, the biggest number in the market’s 15-year-long history.

Adding to that, ten Nordic TV productions will be glimpsed at least during TV Drama Vision, a seminar that opens the market Jan. 30.

“The interest for Nordic film and TV drama have increased immensely since I started working here ten years ago,” said Cecilia Edstrom, manager of the Nordic Film Market.

“The borders between TV and film are less pronounced every year. Today it’s taken for granted that you work in both TV and film. Traditional art house producers have brought quality to TV drama,” she added, citing Canal Plus France’s flagship TV drama “The Returned” as a vital example.

Keynote speakers of the TV seminar this year include Sara Johnson from Keshet U.K., creator of the original “Hatufim” (Homeland) and Yael Hedaya, writer on “BeTipul” (In Treatment).

The Nordic Film Market is also initiating a three-year analysis project, “Nostradamus”, named after the prophet-apothecary. To keep track of latest trends, key industry players and researchers in Europe will peer into the near future, focusing on business models and audience behavior.

“In a continuously changing business, confronting both difficulties and possibilities, we have to be curious and try to look ahead to what’s next,” Edstrom said.

Some of tomorrow’s talents will also meet at the Nordic Film Lab, which gathers fifteen young directors, scriptwriters and producers from Scandinavia to meet for four days of screenings, workshops, presentations and networking activities.


NFM DATES JAN. 30-FEB. 02, 2014



09:30–5:00 pm TV Drama Vision. Full-day seminar on international trends and upcoming TV drama from Scandinavia.

7 pm: Official opening, 2014 Nordic Film Market, Pustervik.


9 am: Nostradamus:  Seminar about future business models and consumer behaviour.

10.30–12.00: Nordic Film Lab Discovery, ten participants’ projects will be presented.

1:30–5:15 pm: First session of work-in-progress, thirteen titles including “Tourist”, “Gentlemen” and “Paris of the North”.


09.15–11.00: Second session of work-in-progress with nine titles.

6:30 pm: Dragon Award Gala, including the prize for Best Nordic Feature, worth 1 million Swedish Krona, Lindholmen Science Park.