SAN SEBASTIAN — Canadian animation outfit Productions 10 Ave has acquired film adaptation rights to “Brad, Le Genie de la Potiche,” a novel series by Quebec’s publishing house Foulire, dedicated to humorous books for young readers.

“Brad” will be the first in a trilogy of feature-length animation films, which 10 Ave is hoping to franchise, said Nancy Florence Savard, prexy of Quebec-based 10 Ave.

“We believe that the story of a genie who grants three wishes is universal enough that the theme will be appreciated by a variety of audiences in various countries,” she added.

The creators of “Brad”’s film adaptation were behind 10 Ave’s previous film, “Le Qoq de St-Victor” (“Rooster Doodledoo”), which screened at a dozen film festivals and was distributed in over 20 territories.

“We have already begun talks with our partners who supported us in our previous successful venture,” Savard said.

10 Ave forms part of a large Canadian delegation at the San Sebastian Film Festival, which confirms the growing interest of Canadian film producers in building bridges with the Spanish-speaking countries.

“In the screenplay for ‘Brad,’ part of the adventure takes place in ‘Santa Banana,’ which is reminiscent of the Americas south of the U.S., so we think the subject is an interesting prospect for a co-production with someone based in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Cuba or Spain,” Savard argued.

“We are on the lookout for co-producers who are experienced in animated feature films 2D and 3D, and ideally, who have worked with the Maya software,” she added.

“Rooster Doodledoo” director, Quebec’s Pierre Greco, is attached to helm “Brad,” based on a screenplay which Greco co-penned alongside Johanne Mercier, the author of “Brad”’s books.

“Brad”’s producers aim to carry out the development stage with co-production partners in 2014-2015, finalize financing in 2016 and complete production by the end of 2018.