ROME – Luc Besson’s Scarlett Johansson-starrer “Lucy” will open the 67th Locarno Film Festival on August 6, out-of-competition.

Touted by EuropaCorp CEO Christophe Lambert as the biggest-budget pic Besson’s shingle has ever produced, “Lucy” is the tale of a female drug mule, played by Johansson, who gains superhuman powers after the drug she is carrying enters her body.

Besson will introduce the hotly anticipated film on Locarno’s 8,000 seat open-air Piazza Grande venue just ahead of the film’s Swiss release on Aug 7. Universal is releasing “Lucy” stateside on July 25.

“Lucy” has been described by Besson as being a film “about pure intelligence.” “We’re basically using 10 percent of our brain. What happens when we use more?” he told reporters in November, after wrapping an 11-day shoot in Taipei. That is the pic’s basic concept, as evidenced also by its trailer.

The English language sci-fier/thriller also stars Morgan Freeman as a scientist, South Korea’s Choi Min-sik (“Old Boy”), and Egyptian thesp Amr Waked who plays a French cop.

The Swiss lakeside fest dedicated to indie movies and innovative cinema will run August 6-16.