‘Instructions’ Lozano Launches Pan-America Distrib Alebrije Distribution (EXCLUSIVE)

Operation bows January with Ernesto Contreras’ “The Obscure Spring”

'Instructions’ Lozano Launches Pan-America Distrib Alebrije

LOS CABOS – In one of the biggest strategic developments of the year in Mexico, Monica Lozano, producer of milestone Mexican films – Eugenio Derbez’s “Instructions Not Included,” Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s “Amores Perros” – is launching Alebrije Distribution, a new pan-American distrib operation.

Based out of Mexico City, Alebrije Distribution will acquire rights to movies for not only Latin America, an increasingly frequent practice among ambitious Latin American players, but also North America. It will direct distribute in Mexico.

Taking rights to all the Americas, Alebrije will roll off the potential allies, experience and market knowledge that Lozano has accumulated over the years, she said at this week’s Los Cabos Festival in Mexico.

That knowledge of the North American market was seen in the $44.5 million U.S. gross for “Instructions,” distribbed by Pantelion Films, a movie that Derbez and Lozano purposefully designed as a crossover title for Latin and North America.

Direct distributing theatrically 10-15 titles a year in Mexico, Alebrije Distribution is a joint venture of Lozano and high net worth investors.

Alebrije Distribution will bow January in Mexico with the release of Ernesto Contreras’ “The Obscure Spring,” co-produced by Lozano’s Alebrije Cine y Video, Lady Leonor and Agencia SHA. Marking Contreras’ fiction feature follow-up to his debut, Cannes Critics’ Week player “Blue Eyelids.” The torrid love affair tale, in which characters suffer head-on the clashing demands of carnal desire and family responsibilities, stars Jose Maria Yazpik (“I’m So Excited”), Cecilia Suarez (“Spanglish”) and Irene Azuela (“Miss Bala”).

Albebrije Distribution will also direct distribute in Mexico upcoming Alebrije productions, such as Anwar Santiago Zafa’s child genius movie “Jeremias,” now in post,” and awaited prison-set thriller “The 4th Company,” helmed by Amir Galvan Cervera and Mitzi Vanessa Arreola.

A prison-set thriller, inspired by true events, about an ‘80s jail American football team which also engaged in organized crime outside the jail, it will be released first half 2015.

But Alebrije Distribution will also distribute third party Mexican and foreign titles, handling theatrical, free and pay TV and online rights, Lozano said. Physical video will use sub-distribution, she added.

“There a numerous films, which I and my colleagues produce that have difficult access to the market, which also is changing a lot. You can no longer think of distributing every title in the same way. Films have to be treated individually. That will be our philosophy,” Lozano said.

On Alebrije productions, Lozano will still look for sales agents to sell her films outside the American continent.