LONDON — The Goteborg Intl. Film Festival is to include a Russia Focus as part of its next edition.

The lineup will include films by both established filmmakers and the younger generation. Pics will mirror the contemporary political and social situation in Russia, and tackle recent events that have drawn worldwide attention, such as the trial of the band Pussy Riot, and the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

“The program includes documentaries and fictional films that have their finger on the pulse of Russian society, and which provide nuanced perspectives on the world’s largest country,” the fest said.

Around 20 films will be shown as part of the focus, and numerous Russian directors and actors are set to attend the festival.

Among the films screening will be: Alexander Veledinskiy’s “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away,” “Hard to Be a God,” directed by Aleksej German, Svetlana Karmelita and Aleksej German Jr., Natasja Merkulova and Alexej Chupov’s “Intimate Parts,” Taisija Krugovykh and Vasilij Bogatov’s “Pussy Versus Putin,” Sergej Taramaev and Ljuba Lvovas’ “Winter Journey” and Alexander Gentelev’s “Putin’s Games.”

“We have a broad Russian film program that is both artistically strong and takes up current events in Russia. Several of the films touch upon subjects about the distribution of the country’s resources and the restrictions on freedom of speech,” Marit Kapla, artistic director, said.