LONDON — FMX, the Stuttgart, Germany-set conference on animation, special effects, vidgames and transmedia, will include four separate presentations on Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity,” which won seven Oscars, including director, cinematography, sound mixing and visual effects.

British visual effects company Framestore, which took home the VFX trophy on Oscar night, will deliver a detailed talk on their work at the event, which runs April 22-25.

Senior VP Matthew Bristowe and senior stereo supervisor Richard Baker from Prime Focus World, which was responsible for the stereo conversion of the live-action scenes in the film, will talk about why the filmmakers chose to convert, PFW’s collaboration with Framestore, and their thoughts on the legacy of the film.

Cuaron’s vision of weightlessness was furthermore realized with the help of design and engineering studio Bot & Dolly and their programmable robots to carry and move cameras and lights. Tobias Kinnebrew, head of product strategy at Bot & Dolly, talks about the company’s contributions to “Gravity” from previz to live action.

In addition, Paul Debevec, who leads the graphics laboratory at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies, will explain the laboratory’s role in tackling the challenge of matching the lighting of real faces to that of virtual environments.

Among the other Hollywood pics to be discussed at the event is “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro.” David Smith, digital effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, will present the challenges of creating new villains and extensive digital environments, while seamlessly blending live-action stunt work with CG character animation.

A sidebar titled “The Art of Animation,” which looks at “Frozen,” “The LEGO Movie” and “Rio 2,” invites professionals to illuminate the craft and innovation that define animation. Mike Giaimo, art director at Walt Disney Animation Studios, sets out on a behind-the-scenes journey of the artistic choices and visual challenges of bringing “Frozen” to life.

This is accompanied by Animal Logic’s presentation on “The LEGO Movie,” and Chip Loterzo, senior animator at Blue Sky Studios, will look at artistic expression in animation.

In the sidebar “Transmedia: Interaction in the Real World,” Doug Cooper, visual effects supervisor at DreamWorks Animation, will look at interactive experiences.

Brent Strong, creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering, will showcase the opportunities involved in translating a fictional universe into an immersive experience with his presentation “Live Your Dreams — Interactivity in Disney Parks.”

Also in the lineup will be the sidebars “Focus on Ibero-America” and “Games for Change Europe,” which will be joined by chief game designer at Google, Noah Falstein.