Paris-based sales house Other Angle is on board to produce its first movie, “The Beggars,” a Morocco-set tale taking place in the 1940s, starring Mohamed Fellag (“Monsieur Lazhar”) and Daniel Cohen (“All That Glitters”) as Jewish and Muslim homeless men whose fight over a $100 bill sparks a conflict between the two communities.

Daniel Cohen, whose previous film, the Jean Reno starrer “Comme un Chef,” was an international sales hit, will direct.

“People who have read the script compare it to Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot,’ ” said Olivier Albou, co-founder and prexy of Other Angle. “It’s a very simple story but it tells so much about us all.”

Fellag is best known for his performance in “Monsieur Lazhar,” a critically acclaimed Canadian film that sold worldwide and grossed more than $2 million in France alone.

Other Angle is producing “The Beggars” on a tight $2.8 million-range budget.

“We want it to be a film for the world and not for France only, and we think we can bring our expertise as a sales agent to achieve that,” Albou said.

Other Angle rolled into Cannes with its biggest-ever lineup, including a pair of Un Certain Regard players: Asia Argento’s “Incompresa” (“Misunderstood”), turning on her lonely young girl’s upbringing, and Keren Yedaya’s “That Lovely Girl,” a daring drama turning on an incestuous relationship between a father and his daughter. Other Angle is also selling Cannes Classics’ “The Go-Go Boys,” Hilla Medalia’s doc about the iconic creators of Cannon Films, the Israeli-born cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus.