Paris-based sales outfit WTFilms has nabbed Lina Esco’s “Free the Nipple,” a New York-set comedy based on real women who battled the cops and courts for their topless rights in America.

Pic stars actress-turned-filmmaker Esco, playing a blogger/photographer who joins forces with other women to fight for the right of women to be topless in public places. In the humor-laced pic, Esco also examines the ways in which violence and sex are treated differently in the U.S., and emphasizes the media’s indulgence towards violence and over-sexualized portrayal of women’s bodies in American popular culture.

Esco launched a campaign on social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google Plus, which was banned.

“Gender equality is what we are aiming for at it’s most basic level.  It took a hundred years of protest, speeches and marches for women to finally earn their right to vote in August 18,1920 in America. It’s always a struggle for women to overturn draconian laws created by men,” Esco told Variety. “I believe to see a woman’s nipple as ‘obscene’ or ‘criminal’ by the status quo and the MPAA and the FCC, the same nipple that most of us in this world depended on for nourishment or survival for the first year or so of our lives, is a damaging and dangerous stigma to brand women with in this country.”

Currently in post-production, “Free the Nipple” was produced by Esco, U.S. exec Hunter Richards, as well as Lisa Azuelos and Julien Madon from France.

WTFilms’ Dimitri Stephanides and Gregory Chambet are showing a trailer of the pic at the EFM.