Berlin: Marco Kreuzpaintner Calls Comedy ‘Coming In’ A ‘Modern Fairy-Tale’

Politically incorrect pic ‘Coming In’ tries to get balance right between humor and being inoffensive

Berlin: Marco Kreuzpaintner Calls Comedy 'Coming

Marco Kreuzpaintner, who is one of Germany’s hottest helmers, has just had his latest pic, Berlin-set romantic comedy “Coming In,” picked up for international sales by Global Screen. Variety spoke to him about the movie and upcoming projects.

“Coming In” tells the story of a hip young hairdresser, Tom, who falls in love with beauty parlor owner Heidi, turning both of their worlds upside down. There is only one problem: Tom is gay.

Kreuzpaintner (“Trade”) was attracted to the project in order to deliver a fresh twist to the romantic comedy.

“I loved the idea of a totally politically incorrect story: a gay guy falling in love with a girl, and how this challenges his own and his friends’ point of view.”

Kreuzpaintner focused on getting the tone of the movie right. “It’s a thin line to not offend anybody here. ‘Coming In’ is a modern fairy-tale. It’s not about a gay guy becoming straight. This is about love and how love does not know any labels.”

Part of the challenge was to strike a balance between making the film humorous and keeping it believable.

“Every great comedy is always about the difficulties of life, and with ‘Coming In’ this is exactly what the whole story is about. I just love character-driven pieces. And the more you challenge the audience, the funnier it can get.”

German comedies may not be seen as huge sellers internationally, but Kreuzpaintner feels his film has enough attractive elements to appeal to mainstream audiences in international territories.

“First, it is a love story, and it’s always very moving to see two people falling for each other, who in the beginning have no chance to fulfill this love. But ‘Coming In’ is also funny and a very upbeat movie.”

Shooting on the pic, which took place in two of Berlin’s most notorious quarters, posh Mitte and grungy Neukolln, wrapped in November, and now he’s focusing on other projects.
“There are several films in development. I am still working on ‘Rainer,’ a film about German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, but I am also working on ‘One Way Ticket.”

Warner Bros. will release “Coming In” in Germany in the fall.