MADRID – In the run-up to May’s Cannes Festival, Madrid-based 6 Sales has closed down international sales rights to what is shaping up as one of Mexico’s biggest releases of 2014: Horror classic reboot, “Darker Than Night.”

Teaming Videocine, the Mexican distributor of “Instructions Not Included” with Leonardo Zimbron, the producer of “We Are the Nobles,” another huge Mexican hit, “Night” is also Mexico’s first live-action stereoscopic 3D movie.

Part of Taboada’s cult Gothic scarefare trilogy, which also includes 1968’s “Even the Wind Is Afraid” and 1969’s “The Book of Stone,” “Night” turns on four beautiful girls trapped in a haunted house by a vengeful ghoul.

The updated 2014 makeover keeps the basic set-up of 1975 classic, but alters character arcs, said Zimbron.

Released late August/early September by Videocine, the distribution arm of TV giant Televisa, “Night” will bow on about 1,000 screens in Mexico, benefitting from Televisa’s massive marketing might.

Helmed by Mexican Henry Bedwell, “Night” also boasts production pedigree, being produced by top Mexican production house Filmadora Nacional and Itaca, part of Alex Garcia’s AG Studios, as well as Mexico’s Celeste Films.

“Night” is produced out of Spain by Neo Art, the Barcelona-based company founded by Antonia Nava, former EVP of production at Filmax.

“Night” also uses pioneering digital technology developed by Barcelona’s Apuntolapospo, which allows WI-FI signals to control 11 rudders on a camera lens, changing depth of field and angle with eye movement precision.

Also part of AG Studios, sales and distribution house Latam Distribution has Latin American distribution rights outside Mexico. 6 Sales handles the world outside Latin America, Mexico and Spain.

“Spain and Mexico have always had a tradition of commercial horror films and it’s natural there are co-productions that bring the strength of both countries together,” said 6 Sales’ Fuentes.

“We are delighted to be handling what we believe will be this year’s Mexican hit and surely will make a splash world wide,” she added.

At Cannes, 6 Sales will introduce the film to buyers, screening a 3D trailer and a selected 3D scene, Fuentes said. A stereoscopic 3D DCP copy will be ready for delivery by summer. A fall festival launch is planned, Fuentes added.