Last year, Svensk Filmindustri acquired hot shingle Tre Vanner, instantly making the indie and its head of film operations, producer Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro, one of Scandinavia’s most influential producers.

“The executives of Svensk found no reason to stress changes in our working method. Tre Vanner will go on as before, but within a much bigger organization and on a larger scale,” says Wikstrom Nicastro, producer of hit “Easy Money” and its sequels.

One of the many projects he’s prepping is “A Raging Blaze,” a thriller based on Andreas Norman’s bestselling debut novel. Scribe Oskar Soderlund is onboard to do the adaptation.

“This fantastic book reminds me of the works of John le Carre. We’re aiming (to make) a film that’s not been made in Sweden before. Andreas Norman has been working as a top diplomat and he’s really giving a trustworthy depiction of the inner circle of the political world (in the novel). When I first read it, I got the same feeling as when reading ‘Easy Money,’ which was written by a lawyer (Jens Lapidus),” says Wikstrom Nicastro, signaling the project’s “Easy Money” vibes. Belgian Lumiere co-produces the film, and a helmer will be attached soon.

Two other pics produced by Wikstrom Nicastro are set for local release this year: “Mastermind,” by first-time helmer Alain Darborg, a Swedish heist film inspired by “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Sting”; and Ella Lemhagen’s “The Boy With the Golden Pants,” the first bigscreen adaptation of Max Lundgren’s classic 1967 Swedish children’s book, which was turned into a successful miniseries in 1975.

Among previously announced Svensk projects is Karin Fossum’s “The Indian Bride,” a 50/50 co-production with Norwegian shingle Motlys. Hans Petter Moland will direct, Erlend Loe is penning the script and lensing on the crime pic will start next year.

Tre Vanner is also in the casting process for the adaptation of Fredrik Backman’s “A Man Called Ove,” an adaptation of the Scandi bestseller that many compare to the hit “The 100-Year-Old Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.”

Tre Vanner is also lining up the animated “Bamse and the Daughter of the Witch,” a sequel to its 2013 hit “Bamse and the City of Thieves.” With $3.3 million at the B.O., it’s the most successful Swedish cartoon feature in 20 years. Swedish helmer Maria Blom will co-direct with Christian Ryltenius.

“Maria is a big fan of ‘Bamse.’ Mainly she’ll be working with voice directing and with the script,” says Wikstrom Nicastro.

The producer is ambitious about the banner. “We want to expand, and also do international productions. Of course, a bigger organization serves this purpose,” says Wikstrom Nicastro about Svensk’s acquisition of Tre Vanner. An international remake of “Easy Money” is in progress, although details are under wraps.