Participation in Rio Festival’s RioMarket looks set to improve on last year’s numbers, according to festival co-director Walkiria Barbosa.

Among the many luminaries set to attend and conduct seminars and talk on panels are Gale Anne Hurd (“The Walking Dead”); Mexican producers Alex Garcia (“Words With Gods”) and Monica Lozano (“Instructions Not Included”); costume designer Janie Bryant (“Mad Men”); and a healthy contingent of Hollywood execs.

Hurd talks about production experience, through to “The Walking Dead,” Bryant her costume design on “Mad Men.” Actor Chad Coleman teams with Hurd for a Fox Presents.. The Walking Dead presentation.

RioMarket, whether TV or Film, features screenings, one-on-one meetings. The major conferences focus will, however, be on TV, with a first-ever standalone RioMarket TV, and on international co-production.

That reflects new realities in the industry. Now fulfilled by 129 pay channels, new 2012 Brazilian TV content quotas – obliging its pay TV operators to air 3.5 hours of Brazilian content weekly – have more than tripled local content hours aired, per an ABTIV Brazilian Audiovisual Market study. Meanwhile, pay TV itself has grown, near doubling from 9.8 million subscribers in 2010 to 18.9 million this year. 130 members in 2011, ABPITV ranks have swelled to 440 in 2014.

Movie companies meet much of the new demand. Three months ahead of general elections on Oct. 5, Brazilian president Dilma Roussef also announced a huge 2014 1.2 billion reales ($540 million) government-funding package for Brazil’s film and TV sectors, under the initiative Brasil From All the Screens, which aims to pump up production to 300 feature films and 400 TV series,a year .

Brazil’s industry needs rapidly high-skilled workforce. RioMarket has an important training component, Barbosa proudly points out.

Government-backed and ambitious shingles are partnering on high-profile Latin American productions.

The Festival showcases two: Argentine Daniel Burman’s “The Mystery of Happiness,” co-produced by Barbosa, who heads Total Filmes, and Pablo Fendrik’s “El Ardor,” with Bananeira Films co-producing.

For Barbosa, “This is the moment for international co-production. There is money in Brazil, money abroad. We can certainly make international films if we go down the route of co-production.”




10 a.m-11:30 How to meet the programming profile and productions costs of a channel?


Krishna Mahon, Original content director, A&E Ole Networks

Silvia Fu, Production Director, Turner Int. Do Brasil

Claudia Cortez, Responsible for acquisitions, Canal Arte 1


11:30 a.m- 12:30 A conversation with… Gale Anne Hurd


Gale Anne Hurd, producer, Valhala Motion Pictures


14.30- 16:00 Has the series format arrived in network television?


Marco Altberg, ABPITV


José Amancio, Director, Rede Record

Mauro Wilson, author/screenwriter, TV Globo

Paulo Fontenelle, Director, Director


15:00- 18:00 Sound for television and film workshop with Rui Miranda.


Rui Miranda, Sound designer / editor/ International Outreach Representative, Full Sail University


15:30-18:00 Screenwriting workshop with Marc Halsey.


Marc Halsey, Television writer, CBS, CW, ABC, Warner Bros., ABC Studios, CBS Studios


16:00-17:00 Adaptation of formats: Case study


Marian Koehler, Content manager for channels GNT and +Globosat, Globosat

Jaqueline Vargas, director of development, Moonshot


17:00-18:00 The importance of new media for journalism.


Rosa Magalhaes, Rosa Malgalhaes



10:00-11:00 Transmedia: the audiovisual transformation and convergence.


Marcelo Siqueira, Socio-director, Mistika Producoes Cinemátograficas Ltda.


11:30- 13:00 Dramaturgy on TV


Caio Carvalho, CEO, Radio e Televisao Bandeirantes Ltda.

Mauro Garcia, CEO, ABPITV


14:30-16:00 TV Channels aimed at children


Flávio Medeiros, Director of programming and acquisitions, Discovery Kids América Latina

Daniela Viera, Content coordination Cartoon Network, Turner International do Brasil


16:00-17.00 Forming an audience


André Dias, Special projects director, TV Globo Comunicaçao e Participaçoes S.A



9:00-13:00 Workshop Cinematography in Animation- Camera and Staging with Renato Falcao


Renato Falcao, Cinematographer, Blue Sky Studios


10:00-11:30 Costume Design Master Class with Janie Bryant and Monica Corcoran


Janie Bryant, Costume designer, Janie Bryant Inc.

Monica Corcoran Harel, Fashion consultant/author, MCH Inc.


100:00-12.000 International market trends and the opportunities for Brazil


Marc Hasley, Television writer, BBS, CW, ABC, Warner Bros, ABC Studios, CBS Studios

José Mauricio Fittipaldi, General director Brazil, Televisa Internacional

Alejandro Toro Canal, Director of Co-productions, Caracol TV


11:30- 13:00 Legal aspects in television.


Fábio de Sá Cesnik, Partner director, Cesnik Quintino e Salinas Advogados

14:30-16:00 Producing documentaries


Krishna Mahon, Original content director, A&E Ole Networks

Henry Galsky, Project coordinator, Canal Brasil

Gabriella Varallo, Supervisor of production and development, Discovery Networks Brasil


16:00-17.00 VOD business models


Fernando Magalhaes, Director programming, NET Serviços de Comunicaçao S.A.


17:00-18:00 The migration of TV viewers to Youtube.


Felipe Neto, Founder and current CEO of Paramaker, Paramaker


September 27, 2014

11.00-18.30 Screenwriting Workshops with Gustavo Martinez


Gustavo Martinez, Screenwriter/creative director, Estoria Produçoes


15:00-16:30 GloboNews Exhibition with Fernando Gabeira


Fernando Gabeira,GloboNews


17:00-18:00 GloboNews Exhibition with the Special News Core


Júlio Molica, Editor, GloboNews

Bárbara Carvalho, Journalist, GloboNews(TV Globo)

Antonia Karina Bernardoni, Coordinator special news core, TV Globo/GloboNews

Marina Veil, Journalist, GloboNews


19:30-21:30 GloboNews Premiere: Documentary “Torre de David”


Júlio Molica, Editor, GloboNews

Rodrigo Carvalho, Reporter, GloboNews




10:00-11:30 Co-production opportunities


Anna Kokourina, Producer, Tabula Rasa Films

Paula Barreto, Producer, LC Barreto/Filmes do Equador


11:30-13:00 Official Co-productions


Tatiana Emden, Director of International Affairs, National Audiovisual Fund,, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes de Chile.

Myriam Assis de Souza, Analysis of rights coordinator, ANCINE

Ken Dhaliwal, Partner, Dentons Canada LLP


14:30-15:45 Co-producing With Countries Which Do Not Have An Official Co-production Agreement With Brazil

Kealeboga Bogatsu, Chief finance officer, KwaZulu Natal Film Commission South Africa

Leonie Berning, Board member, KwaZulu Natal Film Commission South Africa

Ricardo Castanheira, General director, Motion Picture Association America Latina

Eduardo Valente, International advisor, Ancine-Agencia Nacional do Cinema


15.45-16:45 Obstacles in Making Contracts and Recognition


Luiza Duarte Pereira, Partner, Murta Goyanes Advogados


17:00-19:00 Co-production Process Simulation


Nathalie Hoffman, CEO, Brazil Business Link

Marcelo Goyanes, Partner, Murta Goyanes Advogados

Iafa Britz, Partner-manager and producer, Migdal Films

Iona de Macedo, Co-founder, Dama Filmes

Walkiria Barbosa, Producer, Total Entertainment

Theresa Won, Manager of production & acquisitions, Myriad Pictures

Ken Dhaliwal, Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

Luane Gauer, International production coordinator, Universal Pictures International



10:00-11:30 The Best Opportunities to Produce with Europe


Marco Mehlitz, director, Leverá Conteúdo E Negócios

Ryan Wickers, Director of development, U.S. Motion Picture Production, EuropaCorp

Anna Kokourina, Producer, Tabula Rasa Films


11:30-13:00 International Film Financing


Michael Hogan, Chief operating officer, Ivanhoe Pictures

Justin Begnaud, Chief operating officer, Crimson Forest Entertainmen Group, Inc.

Marc Fiorentino, Director, development & production, Hyde Park Entertainment


14:30-15.30 Business Opportunities in the International Audiovisual Market


Michael Andreen, Senior Vice President, Fox International Productions


15.30-17:00 Co-producing With the USA


Lauren Fisher, Manager-acquisitions & co-productions, CBS Films

Jonny Jay, Partner/Director of development, Amalgamation Pictures

Jacob Patrick, Founder/CEO/ Producer, Amalgamation Pictures

Theresa Won, Manager of production & acquisition, Myriad Pictures


17:00-18:00 The Latin Market in the USA


Paul Presburger, CEO, Televisa

Stan Jakubowicz, Managing partner, The Stan Jakubowicz Co.

Mineko Mori, CEO, Latam Pictures



10:00-11:30 Opportunities Between Brazil and Latin America


Martha Cavalheiro, Marketing vice president, Latin America, 20th Century Fox

Mauricio Duran, SVP distribution & marketing, Universal Pictures International

Walkiria Barbosa, Producer, Total Entertainment

Sebastian Freund, CEO and Owner, Rizoma Producciones


11:30-12:45 How to Multiply the Numbers of Your Film in Latin America


Stan Jakubowicz, Managing partner, The Stan Jakubowicz Co.

Vanessa Ragone, Producer, Haddock Films

Fernando Sokolowicz, Producer, Aleph Media S.A.

Juan Lovece, General director of production, Patagonik Film Group


12:45-13:30 Overview of the Latin American Market



15.00-16.00 How to Release Your Film in the Mexican Market


Mineko Mori, CEO, Latam Pictures

Miguel Mier, Chief operating officer, Cinepolis

Raymundo Díaz-Gonzalez, Creative and production manager for Fox International Productions in Mexico


16:00-17.30 Co-producing with Mexico


Miguel Mier, Chief operating officer, Cinepolis

Monica Lozano, CEO, Alebrije Cine y Video S.A. de C.V.

Santiago García Galván, CEO, Ítaca Films


17.30-18:15 The Latin American Market and its Business Opportunities


Raul del Alto, V.P. of business affairs, AG Studios

Alex García, President, AG Studios



10:00-11:30 Assessing the Present and Looking to the Future of Movies in Brazil – Panel 1


Cesar Silva, Vice president and general director for Brazil, Paramount Pictures Brasil

Jairo Soares, COO&VP de Mídia, Peralta

Wilson Feitosa, President Cannes Produçoes S.A. (Europa Films)


11:30-12.30 Why Do Brands Finance Films?


Ana Luiza Landim, BNDES

Fernanda Farah, Manager, BNDES

Carlos Massaru Takahashi, President, BB DTVM S/A


14:30-16:00 Assessing the Present and Looking to the Future of Movies in Brazil – Panel 2


Camila Pacheco, Marketing manager, Fox Film do Brasil

Tito Liberato, Theatrical distribution, Elo Company

Bettina Boklis, Marketing director, Cinemark


16:00-16:30 Study on the Brazilian Market


Patricia Kamitsuji, Managing director, Fox-Warner


16:30-17:15 Analysis of the Film Financing Model in Brazil


Sérgio Sá Leitao, Rio de Janeiro City secretary of culture and chairman at RioFilme,


17:15-18:30 The End of 35mm Exhibition and its Impact on the Market

Silvia Rabello, Director, Labo Cine do Brasil Ltda

Eduardo Acuña, President, Cinépolis

Rodrigo Saturnino Braga, General director, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sandro Rodrigues, Director, H2O Films