MovieTickets.com has reported 11% growth this year in the number of tickets it has sold in the U.S. — despite a 4.6% decline in the industry’s overall domestic box office.

The ticketing service also reported Tuesday that tickets it has sold in the U.S. via mobile devices have increased 26% so far this year.

The company noted that it added ticketing services for AMC Theatres and renewed its long-term arrangement to provide remote ticketing to Harkins Theatres. It also entered into an agreement in October with TouchTunes, an entertainment-engagement platform in over 60,000 North American bars and restaurants, to provide studios with a new way to promote movie releases and ticket sales.

The company also disclosed that it is about to begin offering a mobile movie ticket that turns a smartphone into a ticket without use of scanners. It announced in October that it would begin rolling out a pilot edition of the technology by the end of the year.

MovieTickets.com provides ticketing services to 250 theater chains in 22 countries.