Oscars: Emotional End To Long Road For ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Producer Rachel Winter: 'This is the moment you dream of your entire life'

Oscars: Emotional End Long Road 'Dallas

Producer Robbie Brenner first read the script to “Dallas Buyers Club” 17 years ago. It then proceeded to bounce around two studios with two separate actor-director duos attached. But fresh off the Oscar nominations, with “Dallas Buyers Club” scoring six bids, the longtime producer told Variety,  “I won’t say I’ve forgotten the journey, but I can’t imagine the movie having been any other way, in any other incarnation. It is exactly what it’s meant to be.”

That meant it included a production budget of $5.2 million, a 25-day shoot and was a film that relied solely on natural lighting and opted for no score.

“I just started to cry, I didn’t even hear the rest of what was coming out of Chris (Hemsworth’s) mouth,” Brenner said when she heard the nominations. “The screenplay came first, so the fact that Craig (Borten) and Melisa (Wallack) got the script, that was unbelievable. Then Matthew (McConaughey) and then Jared [Leto]. And then it was the picture (getting) nominated. I’ve been up the whole entire night tossing and turning and seeing what time is was. This is the moment you dream of your entire life. Rachel and I are absolutely beside ourselves,” Brenner said.

During the announcement, Rachel Winter was on the phone with her husband, Terence Winter, who also received a nomination for best original screenplay for “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

“He’s in New York, and there was a delay getting the information. He was getting the news slightly before me. He would say, ‘Jared just got it’ and I was like, ‘what are you talking about?’ He just started crying when he heard we got best picture. It’s been a little bit hectic, I was tossing and turning but I’ve never been more awake in my life,” said Winter.

Although Brenner called this moment “life defining,” she also made sure to acknowledge the film — and her — journey. “It’s such an amazing story but throughout the time it took we wanted to kill ourselves. And the frustration, the peaks and valleys and not getting the movie made and then getting the script back, I feel like this is just the most amazing completion. The whole thing came full circle. We spiritually and emotionally made this movie and all of the wrongs, all of the frustrations have been righted. This is what you dream of.”