Audiences didn’t have to wait long for things to get odd at the Golden Globes; the second award of the night was presented to Jacqueline Bisset, who won for best supporting actress in a TV series, miniseries for “Dancing on the Edge.” After taking a long time to get to the stage—stopping to kiss Jon Voight on the way—she gave a rambling speech including saying “sh-t” and “Like my my mother used to say, ‘Go to hell and don’t come back.’” She also said that forgiveness is the best beauty regimen.

Once backstage, the stunned behavior continued. “What do I do now?” she asked as she got onstage. Then she asked for her glasses so she could see—but once they were handed to her, they complained they were too dirty and she passed them off to someone to clean for her.

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Part of the reason for her offbeat behavior might have been that she didn’t know her category was coming up so soon. “I was told my category was coming up second from last, so I was absolutely stunned,” she explained. “I wondered why the guy was there with a camera on me.” She added, “I was completely out of it, I was thinking about my dinner. And I still haven’t gotten my dinner yet.”

Asked about her speech, she admitted, “I can’t really remember what I said, actually.”