During awards season, there is always a wide range of opinions on things. However, CBS’ “Hollywood Film Awards,” making their debut on TV after years as a private ceremony, achieved a rare feat in showbiz: Everyone felt the same way. The general consensus on Friday night was summed up by one veteran, who gasped, “What a mess!”

Of course, blind quotes are a cheap trick in journalism. However, since the names of the jurors deciding these awards was kept secret, it feels fair to use anonymous quotes here. A cross-section of comments:

“It was godawful…overlong acceptance speeches from people nobody in America wanted to hear from.”

“It felt exposed for what it always was, a phony awards show.”

“CBS should be ashamed for making those three (Charlie Rose, Nora O’Donnell and Gayle King) participate in that hourlong special after the ceremony. They have been working for years to deliver genuine news in the morning as an alternative to the fluff and junk on ‘Today’ and ‘GMA.’ They all lost credibility by doing that hour of nonsense.”

“There was less energy in the room than in years past. Half the enjoyment of the show used to be how everyone made fun of it.”

Blogger Sasha Stone of @awardsdaily tweeted out, “It isn’t a competition so much as a publicity arrangement.”

One exec, who is usually a tireless supporter of the industry, shrugged, “I didn’t go. I just couldn’t bear it.”