The win for “The Wolf of Wall Street” was particularly meaningful for Leonardo DiCaprio because he worked so hard to bring the pic to the screen.

DiCaprio took the trophy for lead actor in a comedy/musical, but he gave the credit to director Martin Scorsese for an edgy approach to making a movie meant to indict the culture of corruption that pervaded Wall Street.

“I’m just grateful that Martin Scorsee is still this punk rock, still this vital at 71 yrs old.,” DiCaprio said. “This man’s amazing.”

The collaboration on “Wolf” was different than their past work on previous pics including “The Aviator” (for which DiCaprio won his first Globe).

“For both of us the movie took its own shape,” he said. “The plot was kind of irrelevant. (Scorsese) encouraged all the actors to improvise and re-improvise that improv. He pushed the boundaries every single day on the set. When you infuse that kind of attitude in your actors you get this kind of movie.”