When it comes to speed and creativity, nobody does it better than Hollywood. Art galleries plan exhibits that will last for a few weeks or months; DreamWorks Animation arranged a “Croods” exhibit for one night only, and it was every bit as impressive as any swanky gallery launch.

The Jan. 21 event at the Pacific Design Center was a tribute to the Oscar-nominated film, featuring a bank of video monitors, giant blowups of art from the animated pic and equally huge photos and drawings of various images that had provided inspiration to the artists.

The event was a classy alternative to the flood of Q&A sessions and cocktail receptions during a jam-packed Oscar season.

Accepting congrats for the film were directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco (left to right in photo above), and producers Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell, plus the “Croods” team. DeMicco joked with Variety about the long production time on animated films: The team are now working on “Croods 2,” targeted for a 2017 opening. But Belson, who started in live-action film, enthused that it was time well spent and she praised the collaborative atmosphere in the world of animation.

The nominal guests of honor (and the drawing card for the mainstream media) were to be Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone. But he got snowed in, she got sick. The event organizers had mulled a cancellation until wiser heads prevailed and the evening ended up as a “Croods Production Happy Hour,” in which the directors, artists,  production crew and marketing team could celebrate their accomplishment.