Even celebs acted like fans at the BAFTA/LA tea party for the Golden Globes at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Saturday. David O. Russell stopped Steve Coogan to praise his film (“I’ve already seen your movie, but my dad wants to see it, my son wants to see it”). Russell then huddled with Paul Greengrass and Jason Isaacs inside the party. Greengrass just moments earlier had been directing a photographer trying to get a picture of the helmer with Isaacs.

Martin Scorsese held court in one corner, but was taking the night off from press interviews while Leonardo DiCaprio and Benedict Cumberbatch took turns holding up a side of the bar and talking to fans. “It’s top secret,” said Cumberbatch about his party plans.

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Tom Hanks, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock swept through with iPhones flashing all around them as BAFTA/LA’s Gary Dartnall, Arnold Schwartzman, Deborah Kolar and Jan Kean were among those playing host. Barkhad Abdi (“Captain Phillips”)  was one of the few actually drinking tea. His favorite line in the film? “I’m the captain now.”

As for the awards hoopla, Abdi said, “It’s the best time to come here, it’s snowing in Minnesota. It’s my first nomination and I’m happy about it.”

Greengrass’ advice to partygoers was: “Enjoy it, but don’t eat too many sandwiches and cakes.”

Illumination Entertainment’s Chris Meledandri and his producer Janet Healy were enjoying the party scene. “I’m not one who enjoys crowds,” Meledandri said. “Sometimes I’m happier in a quieter place” but a weekend was fun.

“Nebraska” scripter Bob Nelson, confided that he drew on his wife’s family for inspiration on his dialogues, adding of the awards hoopla: “It’s such an amazing experience, I never expected any of this.”

Julian Fellowes was heartened by the ratings for “Downton Abbey’s” fourth season in America. “You always worry a bit and to have this huge leap in figures, is fantastic.” His advice to those who were new to the party circuit was: “Don’t drink too much. Certainly not when there are journalists present. You become indiscreet and say things the following day you wish you hadn’t.”