Singapore’s Films Appeal Committee has upheld a ban on the political documentary “To Singapore With Love,” directed by Tan Pin Pin.

In September the country’s Media Development Authority gave the film a “not allowed for all ratings” classification, effectively preventing it from receiving distribution.

The appeal committee voted by nine to three to uphold the MDA ruling, with the three dissenting members suggesting a R21 classification, which would have made the film available only to audiences 21 or older.

The film, which has been shown at several international festivals, consists of a series of interviews with political activists from the 1960s who are now exiled from Singapore.

“While of commendable artistic standard, the FAC found the film to be a one-sided account with minimal attempts to provide a balanced mix of views beyond those provided by the interviewees featured in the film. As real people and events were featured in the film, the FAC felt that viewers who watch it without sufficient knowledge and understanding of the historical context would take the views presented as the truth,” the committee said in its ruling.