TOKYO – Satomi Ishihara, Yoko Maki and Takao Osawa will star in the new Takashi Miike film “Kaze ni Tatsu Lion” (The Lion Who Stands in the Wind), a drama about a Japanese doctor, Koichiro Shimada, working in Kenya, it was announced today.

Osawa will play the lead role of Shimada, while Ishihara will play his nurse and Maki a physician who is Shimada’s fiancee.
Based on a 1987 song by singer/songwriter Masashi Sada that was later novelized, the film depicts Shimada’s journey from a university hospital in Nagoya, Japan to a research center in Kenya and finally a hospital treating war wounded in that country, including a boy soldier Shimada befriends. 

The pic is currently being shot on location in Kenya, after filming in Nagoya last month. Japan release is set for March 14, 2015 with Toho distributing.