HONG KONG — Iconic Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Chow’s hit “Kung Fu Hustle” is to be rereleased as a 3D movie in China.

The kinetic comedy actioner was originally released in 2004. It has been “comprehensively enhanced” and will be released in Mandarin and Cantonese versions by China Film Group, Huayi Brothers and Sony / Columbia Pictures.

The release date is tentatively set for Dec. 24.

Althought the 2004 original grossed $17 million in North America, there are currently no plans to re-release the 3D film outside mainland China, a Sony spokesman said.

The original film grossed RMB170 million in China, worth $20 million at prevailing 2004 exchange rates and $27.6 million at today’s rates.

Since that time the Chinese film industry has been transformed by modernization and multiplexing and the national box office has multiplied more than 30-fold. That gives the rerelease a strong chance of beating the score of the original outing.

Chow’s last theatrical release “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” was released in early 2013 and grossed $196 million.

Wong Kar-wai’s “The Grandmaster,” which was also released early last year, is also set to re-release as a 3D conversion by Bona Film Group. Its release date has now been pushed from this month to Jan. 8, 2015.